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Real Estate Management Services


  • Agnieszka Krzekotowska, Partner | Board Member | Real Estate Management Services

  • Agnieszka Krzekotowska
    Partner | Board Member | Real Estate Management Services 

    "Changes in the use of space and in the habits of a building’s users are inducing managers to use new technologies to optimise activities and costs associated with running a property, and also to help in communication and building communities in the building. Innovative solutions include mobile property management systems, fixed asset management as well as document and financial management."

Your property will be taken care of by experts


When you are looking for someone to take care of your property, our team at Colliers are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to manage all types of commercial real estate.  We support international funds, developers, tenants and private investors. Our top priority is always to maximise the value of the property. By identifying your needs, we use our experience, expertise and track record to deliver a strategy and action plan which will exceed your expectations. We manage commercial, office, warehouse, retail, mixed-use and special purpose properties, placing a strong emphasis on building relationships with tenants. We use the latest innovation and technologies to maximise the effects of our work, utilising automated real property data management systems to support our expertise.

Our full range of services includes:


  • Commercial property management
  • Lease management
  • Asset management
  • Maintenance management
  • Tenant relationship management – focus on tenant satisfaction
  • Sustainable management
  • Property and SPV accounting
  • Reporting and property evaluations
  • Operating cost optimisation and risk minimisation
  • Media use level optimisation and management
  • Enhancing the delivery of the overall asset or portfolio plan
  • PR & Marketing
  • Acquisition and sale transaction support – technical review, income and operational reviews, operating costs review and budgeting
  • Management of space occupied by tenants
  • Furthermore, within the integrated service platform, we provide our clients with Project Management (fit-outs, modernisations, renovations), Leasing and Property Marketing services
  • Advisory on technological innovations and support in their implementation dedicated to landlords
  • Conducting comprehensive PropTech projects for landlords

Scope of legal advisory for property management


  • Managing personal data in the building
  • Support in debt collection
  • Current legal issues (renegotiation of contracts with subcontractors, incidents)
  • managing legal projects (e.g. implementation of COVID-19 counter procedures in line with the legal requirements or new technologies applied in the building)

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