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Property Marketing

Make your property stand out from the competition


Why not promote your property drawing on our experience, creativity and extensive expertise? Based on an in-depth analysis of your building’s potential, we will design a marketing and PR strategy that will be tailored to your individual needs.

In an era of rapid real estate market growth, which is confirmed by an increasing number of investment projects, your building needs effective and original branding – an identity that will make it stand out from the crowd. With a focus on the needs of your prospective clients, we will develop a fully integrated marketing and PR strategy for you. Using innovative and effective marketing and PR tools, we will define an individual concept to communicate the most valuable assets of your real property. Proper verification of your clients’ preferences will enable us to promote your investment so that it fulfills their key needs to the greatest possible extent.

Find out how we can assist you in terms of marketing:


  • We will prepare a comprehensive marketing strategy for your property.
  • We will handle creation, i.e. develop the visual identity and all materials that support leasing services.
  • We will coordinate the work of all subcontractors (photographers, printing house, advertising agencies etc.) to deliver the final design.
  • We will organise promotional events.
  • Together with a media house, we will take care of media planning and buying.

How you benefit from working with us:


  • A unique combination of knowledge of the real estate sector and experience with advertising agencies.
  • A comprehensive approach to the marketing of a project.
  • Saving time through close cooperation and faster communication between people responsible for leasing and marketing.
  • A team dedicated to support the marketing of your project.

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