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People & Places Advisory

We define your organization's user needs and space strategy


To successfully deliver your workplace or commercial space objectives you need a good strategy. The right balance between goals, budget, scope and time starts with a good brief.


Our People & Places Advisory team operating under Colliers Define platform will take care of everything that needs to be defined before design and implementation stage to ensure the project delivers your goals in a measurable way.


With the data we collect, we shape far-reaching strategies for work environments and commercial spaces. We help you answer questions about the future of office space and work patterns, as well as the daily lives and directions of employees - even in a hybrid world.

Work with us on:

Hybrid & flexible work model implementation

Workplace strategy

Defining spatial demand

Change management

Real estate user research and needs analysis

Transformation of unprofitable real estate

Multidimentional process


At Colliers Define, we combine diverse competencies into one seamless, end-to-end process for transforming commercial spaces. Through our UX-inspired process called Define. Design. Deliver. we multidimensionally transform buildings, their interiors and work environments.

Our work environment consulting and spatial research services  are the first stage of the comprehensive process. During the "Define" phase, we offer consulting from the initial stage of creating a space concept and real estate strategy. This includes compiling detailed data to analyze the most important aspects of an organization's operations in order to find optimal spatial solutions.

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