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Office Agency - Landlord Representation

Professional support throughout the lifecycle of real estate


Drawing on our extensive experience, focused on the accomplishment of your objectives and on your business space, we will design optimal commercialization and marketing strategies for your property.

As it is our goal to maximize the value of your real estate portfolio, we offer a comprehensive range of services dedicated specifically to your property. We will provide support throughout its entire lifecycle – from the purchase, through the lease process, to sales. We will handle project commercialization by developing a strategy aimed to generate the highest possible cash flows. You will be provided with help in the design and implementation of a marketing strategy that is ideal for your real estate. We will help you with building and creating your brand, which will contribute to strengthening and stabilizing your position in the industry, in addition to improving the recognition of your company on the market.

Our services:


  • Preparation of the most comprehensive and effective leasing strategy
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Financial estimations for the Project
  • Presentations and viewings for the real estate agents and potential tenants
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents related to the rental of the project
  • Ensuring consistent external communication of the space offered by the project
  • Representation of the landlord in negotiations with potential tenants
  • Cooperation with lawyers indicated by the owner when negotiating provisions of lease agreements
  • Regular reports on taken actions
  • Support in the development of marketing strategy for the project
  • Advisory on technological innovations and support in their implementation dedicated to landlords
  • Conducting comprehensive PropTech projects

Discover the complex scope of ACROSS Office

  • Advisory team understanding your different business needs
  • The sum of our experts' experience 
  • Bespoke package of services 
  • All services available for you in one place

Who can benefit from ACROSS Office?

  • Tenants of office space
  • Owners of office buildings
  • Convenience
    Full range of real estate advisory services in one place.
  • Potential savings 
    Through holistic support to your company, we offer favourable financial and non-financial conditions.
  • Experience and knowledge 
    Our advisors provide knowledge and long-time experience at every stage of your project.
  • Office Advisory – Tenant Representation
  • Office Advisory – Landlord Representation
  • Property & Asset Management
  • Investment Advisory
  • Corporate Finance
  • Building Consultancy
  • Workplace Innovation
  • Architectural Advisory LEED, BREEAM & WELL Certification 
  • Retail Strategic Advisory 
  • Retail Leasing Services 
  • Retail Tenant Services 
  • Industrial & Logistics Advisory
  • Valuation
  • Property Marketing
  • Market Research & Analysis

Feel free to either choose a wide set of services, if they are equally essential to your business, or opt for ones that are crucial for your current needs.


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