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Green Certificates

A Green Certificate for your property


We will define and achieve the green objectives for your business, drawing on our extensive experience and specialist knowledge of sustainable construction principles. We partner with property developers, owners and managers, choosing a certificate that is in line with the specific needs of the client.

We are advisors who focus their efforts on the latest and anticipated trends in green construction. We take advantage of the attractiveness, low costs of use and a positive impact of green properties on the natural environment so as to develop an investment strategy that will work best for you. While working on the design, we focus on the expectations as to the use of buildings as well as investor requirements to develop comprehensive strategies to earn the certificate. We combine experience gained through participation in lease and sales transactions on the real estate market with extensive technical know-how. Our support and the offering of ready-made solutions for your business will provide you with access to greater opportunities for growth and boost the effectiveness of your strategy.

Our core offer includes:

  • Provide comprehensive LEED and BREEAM certification services
  • Provide comprehensive evaluation and consideration of the leading green building rating systems - LEED and BREEAM
  • Assess preliminary green building certification level, targets and credits possible
  • Develop comprehensive Certification Strategy, including analysis of potential credits and related opportunities, challenges, cost and potential benefits to achieve green certification
  • Conduct a Certification Workshop with the owner and the design team or property management team during which the attendees will review the chosen rating system 
  • Advise the owner and the project team on tender specification necessary to effectively achieve the project’s certification goals.
  • Provide a comprehensive lifecycle assessment strategy for the project
  • Evaluate opportunities to reduce energy, water and waste consumption to reduce operating expenses
  • Deliver and manage certification documentation and submittal process
  • Benchmark energy usage and develop a comprehensive analysis for energy management
  • Analysis of the potential for building certification
  • Reports on sustainable operation of real estate
  • Energy analysis

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