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ESG & Sustainability Advisory

Shaping a better tomorrow


Environment, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance. In those areas, we will help you improve your properties and investments. So that together we can shape a more sustainable world.


Our expertise in ESG and sustainability for real estate and the built environment enables us to passionately help our clients attain their sustainability objectives. With the increasing number of regulations, unstable energy markets as well as pressure and demands from stakeholders, our knowledge and experience can help clients manage risks, seize opportunities and realize the potential of real estate, providing the confidence to drive real change and establish a competitive edge. 

How do you benefit?

  • Cost Reduction
    Cost Reduction
  • Compliance with Upcoming Regulations
    Compliance with Upcoming Regulations
  • More Efficient Work Environment
    More Efficient Work Environment
  • Improved Company’s Reputation
    Improved Company’s Reputation

Our Services

Strategic ESG Advisory

Our specialized consultants provide advice on every sustainable aspect of commercial real estate, regardless of whether you are an investor, developer, or tenant. We support the development and implementation of ESG strategies locally to elevate your properties, future investment, and construction projects. And how we do it?

Comprehensive Services

In order to provide comprehensive solutions across the entire property life-cycle, we work closely with our in-house specialists in smart building technology, carbon footprint, wellbeing and sustainability. This knowledge is underpinned by our devoted research department, which remains up to date with the dynamically changing real estate market to assure that our clients are always aware of the latest developments. 

International Experts

We are well positioned with offices in Poland, CEE Region and around the world to assist our clients in navigating sustainability regulations, demands and priorities. As a result, we are able to provide added value to key stakeholders. 

Green Tech Tools

Our team of analysts develops big data and cloud computing tools on an ongoing basis that enable us to build sustainable value by relying on hard data. One of our tools is the carbon footprint calculator, to measure and forecast CO2 of a single company or/and properties. Close collaboration between the ESG team and other teams allows us to offer a comprehensive range of sustainable services. 

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What we offer?

Optimizing your portfolio in terms of ESG

As a way to maximize long-term investment results while minimizing negative environmental influence, integrating ESG into daily operations is the most efficient approach.

For this reason, we enable you to effectively safeguard your investment portfolio from an uncertain future though our tailor-made approach. We consider the demands of your stakeholders and regulators to empower you with more certainty that you can deploy your capital in a manner that contributes positively to society and guides us in the direction of a more sustainable future.

From the largest investment funds to the smallest individual investors, we work with investors of all sizes.

Our services include:

  • ESG Due Diligence of properties
  • Analysis of strategies to maximize the potential of a property during planned renovations and decarbonization paths, taking into account environmental, wellbeing and smart technology aspects
  • Analysis of ESG factors at the level of assets, investment portfolios and individual companies
  • Development of a framework for sustainable growth and responsible investment strategies
  • Establishment and tracking of SDGS targets within investments
  • Support with non-financial reporting, including GRI, GRESB and CSRD

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For investors

Green Buildings & Certification

In addition to creating the value for your assets, sustainable real estate also provides a unique experience for users, ensuring a bond with people and the environment. 

Our ESG team can support clients in navigating the realm of sustainable real estate through solutions that are customized for specific property projects, from the initial concept phases to the operational stage.

Our team has been implementing green certification projects since 2012. We assist in obtaining certification for green buildings and their interiors, such as BREEAM or LEED during the project execution, healthy building certifications, such as WELL, during the operational stage. This will improve the environmental performance of buildings and the market competitiveness of properties. 

What services do we provide?

  • Assessment and implementation of renewable energy sources
  • Certification of buildings and fit-out projects that include BREEAM, LEED, FitWEL, WELL and WELL HSR
  • Stakeholders engagement programmes
  • Building certification for technology – we are the first in Europe to have Wiredscore and Smartscore certification experts

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For developers

Healthy & Green Business Environments

Through our complex consulting services, we aim to create healthy and green work environments in which employees flourish, enjoy a sense of fulfilment, and can ensure that they experience higher levels of engagement and fit positively into your organization's ESG strategies and targets.

The expertise of our multidisciplinary teams enables us to offer comprehensive property life-cycle solutions. These range from finding the ideal property that satisfies your sustainability standards, designing environmental and health guidelines for emerging and existing offices, assessing how the building is performing and reviewing operating costs, to safeguarding the organization against upcoming trends and new regulations. 

Among other things, our services include:

  • Search for properties with green and well-being certifications, and certification of the offices themselves (LEED, BREEAM, WELL, FITWEL certifications for leased space)
  • Support in the search for new locations and office design or redesign in terms of the environmental impact, as well as the health and comfort of users
  • Assessment and analysis of the standard and the operation of offices in terms of environmental and social aspects including recommendations
  • Negotiation of Green Lease provisions in all prospective leases
  • Planning and implementation of sustainable interiors and commercial spaces
  • Carbon footprint calculation and support in environmental reporting - verification of available data and recommendations for installations, standard and systems in the leased space

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For tenants

Colliers’ Approach to ESG:

Elevate the Built Environment


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Sustainable Partnerships


Polish Green Building Council     Responsible Business Forum


News & knowledge

8 Jul 2021

Shell Energy achieves first Fitwel certification in Poland

Shell Energy is the first company in Poland to be awarded the renowned Fitwel certification for office space leased in the High5ive building in Krakow. The tenant was supported in the certification process by experts from Colliers Green Building Certification Services.
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18 May 2020

Colliers International supported the precerification of the tallest building in Albania

Downtown One Project has been awarded with LEED Precertification on the Gold level. It is the first building in Albania to be LEED pre-certified by U.S. Green Building Council. The precertification process was advised by Colliers International Albania and Colliers International Poland Green Building Advisor Team.
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Report “Your Impact Has an Impact” 2022

Report “Your Impact Has an Impact” 2022

Read our educational and research piece on the current state of implementation of ESG initiatives in companies operating in Poland. The study shows that more than half of the surveyed organizations declared that they do not have a developed ESG strategy. In addition to analyzing the overall level of understanding of ESG aspects by organizations, we also illustrated the status of the implementation of sustainability measures, with a particular focus on those in the commercial real estate area.

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