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Building Consultancy


Project support, delivery and management throughout its entire lifecycle


We combine the expertise and skills of project managers, architects, sustainability specialists and engineers (with geodetic, electrical, mechanical and fire safety specializations) with backgrounds in the design, construction and investment sectors, to offer building consultancy support to occupiers, owners, purchasers and financing institutions.


Based on an analysis of your current position, your business goals and vision for the future, as well as financial capabilities and investment expectations, we can help you throughout the lifecycle of the investment.


Depending on your requirements, our support may be comprehensive or limited to specific areas.

Our core offer includes:


  • Comprehensive services for photovoltaics systems. Find out more »
  • Analysis of the work environment
  • Project management
  • Cost management (estimates, budgeting, optimization, control)
  • Fit out management
  • Project monitoring for tenants, landlords, funders, private investors or end-purchaser
  • Technical due diligence for purchaser or for vendor with transaction and post-transaction technical support
  • Technical supervision, quality and progress control of construction works
  • Sourcing of professional contractors and/or designer
  • Independent technical advisory
  • Replacement cost estimates
  • Feasibility studies
  • Obtaining investment conditions and construction permits

Photovoltaics. Plug into a Green Future!


More and more owners and occupiers appreciate the vast range of benefits of installing photovoltaics. Photovoltaics technology is associated with modernity and fits perfectly into companies' environmental responsibility strategies in a highly visible way. Nowadays, it may still be considered a novelty, but its easy to imagine that in the next few years most commercial buildings will have Photovoltaics in some form, given the low cost and immediate benefits associated with systems upto 50 KWp. Sustainability systems LEED and BREEAM both reward implementation of Photovoltaics and often such implementation is key to achieving the highest ratings under such systems.



Benefits from implementing photovoltaics


Increasing the value of your property

as an investment product by shortening aggregated return on total investment (ROI).


Cost independence

from changes in electricity prices and in some cases increased operational independence in case of a power failure.


Increasing the value of your brand

by building an image of a modern company taking appropriate steps to guarantee sustainability.


See what you gain from working with Colliers:

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    Effective and independent management of the investment process.
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    Single point responsibility for the process from A to Z.
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    Best price guarantee through an effective tendering process.
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    Selection of the optimal technical solution in terms of performance, environmental benefits and life-cycle cost.
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    Avoidance of costly design and construction errors.
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    Coordination and quality supervision of the contractor's work and technical acceptance.

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