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Workplace Advisory

Colliers Dorota Osiecka - director of workplace innovation department

WorkPlace Expert - A quick and easy way to explore ideal work environment


Colliers’ Workplace Expert is an online tool that helps businesses take the first steps in shaping their future workplace strategy. As addition to our suite of Colliers360 technology apps, Workplace Expert is designed to respond to changing work practices by helping businesses develop an optimal work environment for their organization and people to succeed.


Based on responses to questions about your company’s goals, working patterns and drivers behind your brand and operating culture, Workplace Expert recommends different office environments and potential configurations specific to your business needs. The tool is fueled by extensive benchmarking data, insights from Colliers’ global surveys during the COVID-19 pandemic and emerging market trends.


Access our Workplace Expert tool today to start creating your high performing work environment. Contact our Workplace Innovation experts, who are on hand to provide you with global leading expertise and targeted support where you need it.

Access Workplace Expert

Create a friendly working environment


A good workplace enhances productivity and increases employee satisfaction. It facilitates the achievement of business goals and can improve communication within the organisation.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts will help you arrange your business space to take account of the specific goals of your company, organisational culture, the needs of your staff and client expectations. By changing your working environment and bringing it in line with the current and anticipated market standards, as well as the needs of your clients and employees, we can make it easier for you to put the most ambitious business plans into operation.

To this end, we rely on the versatility of our team, comprising real estate advisors, architects, sociologists, business psychologists and HR professionals. We analyse all aspects of your business, improving communication and the flow of information as well as designing a strategy to transform the image of your business. Our team of architects are in a unique position to arrange your workspace innovatively and transform your office into an inspiring, friendly and functional place. Our objective is to provide you with the best conditions for growth, while building trust and a positive image with clients.

Would you like to:


  • work in an office that supports your business objectives?
  • improve communication and information flow within the company?
  • have a functional, friendly and inspiring office?
  • optimise leased space?change the company's image?
  • impress your customers?

Contact Colliers' Advisor to talk about the opportunities offered by the Workplace Innovation Team.

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