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Architecture & Planning

We design the user experience of your space.
From ideas to shapes.


Interiors, buildings and spaces have a deeper meaning for us. Every interior we design is a story. About the people, the culture of yout organization and its brand.


Our Architecture & Planning team operating under Colliers Define platform creates human-centered designs that evoke desired experiences, helping you support user wellbeing and communicate the right messages about your organisation.


From spatial analysis and space planning, through the design concept, to the final interior finish, furniture and design details. You can leave everything in our hands.

Work with us on:

Interior concept designs

Space plans & masterplans

Technical and execution designs

Architectural advisory and feasibility studies

Visualisation of your space

Multidimentional process


At Colliers Define, we combine diverse competencies into one seamless, end-to-end process for transforming commercial spaces. Through our UX-inspired process called Define. Design. Deliver. we multidimensionally transform buildings, their interiors and work environments.


Our architecture and interior design services are the second phase of the comprehensive process. In the "Design" phase of the collaboration, we translate data and analysis into shapes in architecture. Our design team develops a unique design language with the client based on the organization's and brand's values, culture and character.


Discover all dimensions of services by Colliers Define

We complete projects in a variety of facilities:

  • Office buildings
    Office buildings
  • Commercial and service facilities and premises
    Commercial and service facilities and premises
  • Hotels and student housing
    Hotels and student housing
  • Residential buildings for rent (PRS)
    Residential buildings for rent (PRS)
  • Healthcare facilities
    Healthcare facilities
  • Industrial properties and warehouses
    Industrial properties and warehouses

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An eclectic office emphasizing the dynamic culture of the company, where creation goes hand in hand with technology.

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Emerson | Define Case Study | Architecture & Planning


A modern work environment, a space that meets the needs of employees.

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