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Your Impact Has an Impact

Colliers Report | Your impact has an impact | 2022

Educational report on the status of implementation of ESG initiatives in companies operating in Poland.

More than half of the responding organizations do not yet have an ESG strategy in place, and most display low awareness of regulations for sustainability. The report “Your Impact Has an Impact” outlines the status of the implementation of ESG initiatives at companies operating in Poland, with a particular focus on the context of the commercial real estate market. This is the first educational and research study in the field of ESG in the history of Colliers in Poland!

What are the key insights from the report? 

  • Companies are seeking sustainability knowledge and practices externally.
  • The organization of activities related to ESG is fragmented or not dedicated to specific teams.
  • Awareness of reporting needs under green regulations and the CSRD is low, especially in medium and small organizations.
  • Measures and resulting indicators that pertain to real estate assets and the work environment are the most popular and advanced in the Environmental field.

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ESG in practice

Energy prices, the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as climate and social change are making investors and executives realize that ESG (Environmental, Social, Governmental) issues – that in practice are strategies related to operations, sourcing of raw materials, use of natural resources, or focus on healthy and comfortable working conditions – can define the financial success of companies, and in the medium and long term will contribute to a shift like services and products and ways of doing business.

Half of the organizations that participated in the survey stated that they have an ESG strategy in place, while 25% indicated that they plan to draft one in the next 12 months. While developing the document, 57% of companies are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the United Nations, and 40% rely on internal analyses.

In addition to analyzing the overall level of understanding of ESG aspects by organizations, we needed to show the status of implementation of sustainability efforts, with a focus on those in the commercial real estate area.

What will you find out from the report?

  • To what extent Polish companies are implementing ESG measures
  • How organizations are preparing for green reporting requirements
  • What teams are involved in sustainability initiatives 
  • How much awareness there is of legal changes related to ESG reporting
  • What indicators in the E, S, and G areas are used by organizations, with a particular focus on those concerning real estate

The report contains definitions, results, and analysis of the Colliers survey, and statements from Polish and foreign experts that convey a practical perspective on sustainable change efforts.

The report was created in collaboration with Deloitte, the Responsible Business Forum, the Compliance Institute, and Impactiv.Law, Invesco, and the International WELL Building Institute. 

We invite you to read it!

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Andrzej Gutowski

Director | Leader ESG


I joined Colliers Green building certification department in 2013. For 5 years, prior joining Colliers I was overviewing all operations and coordinating local administrators for projects across Poland – first as an Operation Manager and later as a Proxy and Member of the Board of Property Management company. I am accredite LEED, WELL, FitWel  and BREEAM specialist and work with new design and existing projects.


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Mateusz Sikora

Content Manager


Creative consultant professionally connected to real estate, and architecture & design industry. He is responsible for building communication strategy and content management at Colliers Poland. For over three years he built an expert image of the Workplace - research & design studio - managing marketing and public relations activities.

Author of media publications, including Harvard Business Review Polska, Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza, Nowa Warszawa, Property Design, MAGAZIF etc. Responsible for media campaigns of architecture, interior design and business projects.

Committed to social and environmental responsibility of business. Fascinated with the world in which everything is designed (not necessarily well). Enthusiast of visual culture, fashion, design, new technologies and innovation. 

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