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How to understand mixed-use?

Colliers Report | Mixed use

The changing style of our lives, work or consumer behaviour means that the role of projects that combine various functions and are integrated with the urban fabric and open to the neighbourhood is increasing. The report How to understand mixed-use? takes a closer look at the characteristics of Polish mixed-use complexes. The analyses were conducted on the basis of data for about 60 projects in Poland, covering both existing projects, those under construction and those planned. The report was prepared on the basis of Colliers' analyses, internal information and expert knowledge, as well as local inspections of mixed-use complexes in the largest agglomerations in Poland.

Key findings:

  • The quality of the space and the attractiveness of the offer which corresponds to the needs of various user groups, are important. 
  • It seems that mixed-use complexes perfectly fit into the current reality with its diversified offer aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of the client, and thus also extending the lifecycle of the property.
  • Due to the complexity of such projects, the process of their development is longer and more complex than in the case of monofunctional schemes.
  • The appropriate consideration should be put on adjusting function to the character of the development as well as its location within the complex, management and animation, or the settlement of costs.

So how to understand mixed-use? In this publication, we show Polish mixed-use complexes from the perspective of a developer, tenant or user, we present the statements and opinions of urban planners, architects, developers and market practitioners, as well as Colliers experts, and seek to answer a number of relevant questions.

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