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Gastronomy in time of Home Office

Colliers Report | Gastronomy in time of Home Office

Warsaw office market

In the new, dynamically changing reality, the changes are also impacting gastronomy targeting office workers. It seems that the home office and other hybrid systems of employment, necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, became a permanent fixture of Poland’s labor market.

What is happening, then, to gastronomy operating within Warsaw skyscrapers? How did it survive the last three years? Is it still growing - and if so, under what formula? What did the mixed use investments bring to the table? What will happen to gastronomy in the coming years?

We have decided to take a closer look at three of Warsaw’s office zones: City Center, Mokotów and al. Jerozolimskie, visiting the same buildings that we have described in our 2019 Eating in office buildingsreport, as well as new office buildings that entered the market during pandemic. A comparative analysis of the data confirmed the thesis about changes taking place. We welcome you to become familiar with the changes.

The report also contains fragments of a Colliers' study into the hybrid work models, number of people still working under the stationary model and their expectations towards office buildings, including the gastronomic offer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the current work model - employees were forced to abandon their workplaces and learn to work from home practically overnight.

Due to the pandemic-related restrictions, for a long time the home office was the only available mode of work, leading to gradual, loosening of the correlation between work and the office.

It bears noting that while before the pandemic remote work had been perceived as a benefit, nowadays it has become a norm that the employees don’t want to forgot. According to Colliers’ studies, the preferred scope of remote work has doubled over the pandemic - from 1.4 day a week before to 2.9 days now.

Furthermore, 43% of respondents have claimed to prefer the hybrid mode of work and 40% preferred primarily or fully remote mode of work.

The question is therefore no longer about whether a company offers a home office option, but rather to what extent it does. The attractiveness of companies refusing to offer even the slightest scope of remote work has plummeted, leading numerous organizations to decide to retain the hybrid models developed during the pandemic, merging remote and office work.

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Katarzyna Michnikowska

Associate Director


Katarzyna Michnikowska joined Colliers International. She took the position of Associate Directort in Research and Consultancy Services. Katarzyna specializes in the research and analysis of retail market. She has twenty years of experience in the commercial real estate market in Poland. Katarzyna started career in the Polish Federation of Valuers where she had the opportunity to participate in the regulatory environment and educational activities related to the creation of professions like property valuator, real estate agent and property manager. After 15 years in international real estate companies, she has strong professional experience. She advised, among others, on projects such as Stary Browar in Poznan and Galeria Katowicka in Katowice.​

Katarzyna Michnikowska pracuje jako Associate Director w firmie Colliers International Polska Sp. z o.o w dziale Doradztwa i Badań Rynkowych i specjalizuje się w badaniach i analizach rynku handlowego. Katarzyna posiada dwudziestoletnie doświadczenie na rynku nieruchomości komercyjnych w Polsce. Swoją karierę zawodową rozpoczęła w Polskiej Federacji Rzeczoznawców Majątkowych gdzie miała okazję uczestniczyć w regulacjach prawnych i działaniach edukacyjnych związanych z tworzeniem zawodów rzeczoznawcy majątkowego, pośrednika w obrocie nieruchomościami i zarządcy nieruchomości. Doświadczenie analityczne zdobyła pracując przez 15 lat w międzynarodowej firmie doradczej specjalizującej się w rynku nieruchomości handlowych. Projekty doradcze w jakich uczestniczyła to między innymi Stary Browar w Poznaniu i Galeria Katowicka.​

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Dominika joined Colliers International in 2011 at the position of Head of Research and Consultancy Services, where she is responsible for managing and coordinating the work of the department, carrying out of the projects for external clients, preparing reports, etc. Dominika is related to the real estate industry since the beginning of her career. 

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