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Festive Season in CEE-6

Colliers Report | Festive Season in CEE-6

At home with or visiting family, or perhaps a trip to the mountains or to a warm country? Piles of gifts
and a lavishly laid table, or maybe conscious minimalism? Regardless of how we spend the festive season, for many people in the world it is always a special time, full of positive emotions and a moment to reflect on the events of the past year.

In this report, we present the traditions and customs related to the festive season. The publication was prepared based on a survey in which we asked our respondents, among others, about how they spend the festive season, what traditions prevail in their homes, what cannot be missing on the festive table, where and what gifts they buy for their loved ones and whether their attitude towards the size of the shopping basket has changed due to the pandemic and the current economic situation?

We wish you a pleasant read, a beautiful festive season, and good luck for the upcoming New Year, 2023.


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