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2022 CEE-6 Highlights | Real Estate Market

Colliers Report | Highlights 2022 CEE-6 | Real Estate Market

After two years of the pandemic, 2022 turned out to be another turbulent year in terms of all political, economic and business challenges. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, resulting in further supply chain disruption, an increase in fossil fuel prices, the cost of transport and construction materials. All of this has had an impact on global businesses and on real estate markets. 

However, if we look back at 2022, it is worth mentioning that despite various implications, the commercial real estate market in most CEE countries remained relatively stable and even recorded increases compared to previous years. 

In this context, we believe that our insights, based on data, observation, and knowledge of the markets we cover, will prove interesting and valuable gauging the Central and Eastern European region and individual markets. 

We hope you find this an interesting read!

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Dominika Jedrak



Dominika joined Colliers International in 2011 at the position of Head of Research and Consultancy Services, where she is responsible for managing and coordinating the work of the department, carrying out of the projects for external clients, preparing reports, etc. Dominika is related to the real estate industry since the beginning of her career. 

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