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Shell Energy achieves first Fitwel certification in Poland

Shell Energy is the first company in Poland to be awarded the renowned Fitwel certification for office space leased in the High5ive building in Krakow. The tenant was supported in the certification process by experts from Colliers Green Building Certification Services.

Fitwel is the world’s leading certification system committed to building health for all ®.  Originally created by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and U.S. General Services Administration, Fitwel is a rigorous third-party healthy building certification system that sets the industry standard for evidence-based strategies to promote positive health outcomes for building occupants and communities.

The health and wellness solutions introduced by Shell Energy and the owner of the building span a range of categories including location, common spaces, accessibility of the building, internal environment and facilities for the users. The Fitwel certification process provides tailored scorecards for existing and new buildings and sites to optimize the unique opportunities for every project, who must score a minimum of 90 out of 140 points to be certified.

“The Fitwel certification recognizes the important steps Shell Energy has taken to optimize its Krakow office for health and wellness. In additon to features like lactation and relaxation rooms and a basketball court located next to the building to encourage physical activity, the property boasts plenty of greenery in the office space and access to healthy food for employees,” says Andrzej Gutowski, associate director in Green Building Certification Services at Colliers.

Solutions that distinguish the Shell Energy office also include using only eco-friendly, certified and hypoallergenic products to clean the surfaces. The company also stands out for its focus on air quality, which will be tested annually for concentrations of, among others things, particulate matter, carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. These solutions, among others, enabled Shell Energy to obtain a one star rating, in the Fitwel programme.

Gutowski continued, “Promoting occupant health and wellness should be one of the top priorities for property owners and their tenants. In the broad set of ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) practices used by companies in the pursuit of reporting non-financial issues, the social responsibility criterion is one of the most difficult to fulfill. The establishment of certification systems such as Fitwel has helped the industry to better appreciate the role their properties and spaces can play in impacting human health, whereas previously this component had been less defined than the “environmental” and “governance” aspects. We are glad that our clients attach great importance to these issues and we can support them on their path towards sustainable development.”

“We commend Shell Energy and Colliers for their commitment to advancing the global healthy building movement,” said Joanna Frank, President and CEO of the Center for Active Design, which establishes and maintains the Fitwel standard. “In earning the first Fitwel certification in Poland and achieving a one-star rating in the process, Shell Energy and Colliers are clearly demonstrating to their various stakeholders that promoting occupant health is a top priority. By emphasizing a more human-centric model across all stakeholders, companies that prioritize health and wellness are better positioning themselves to support their employees, secure their reputational profiles and maximize profits.”

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Andrzej Gutowski

Director | Leader ESG


I joined Colliers Green building certification department in 2013. For 5 years, prior joining Colliers I was overviewing all operations and coordinating local administrators for projects across Poland – first as an Operation Manager and later as a Proxy and Member of the Board of Property Management company. I am accredite LEED, WELL, FitWel  and BREEAM specialist and work with new design and existing projects.


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