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Colliers Mobility Pass - innovative solution enters the Polish market

Colliers International, in cooperation with Upflex, introduces a new service to the global office market - Colliers Mobility Pass. It is an innovative solution that exceeds the needs of tenants, offering unlimited flexibility in access to workplaces, not only in Poland, but all over the world.

Colliers Mobility Pass is a virtual platform that allows you to book coworking spaces through an easy to navigate smartphone application. Flexible spaces are a perfect complement to company’s owned and leased offices, and Colliers Mobility Pass provides access to a global network of over 5,000 modern spaces in 70 countries.

“Colliers Mobility Pass is a completely new formula, which has not been present in Poland so far. It is an extremely easy way to work flexibly by booking on demand desks, private offices and conference rooms anywhere in the world. It is also possible to book the so-called Hub, which is a constant space in a particular cowork, accessible only to people from one company or team. Moreover, the employer has an analytical platform at his disposal, thanks to which he can check which coworking offices are most popular among his employees, which allows him to adjust the model to his real needs”, says Renata Hartle, Flex Office Strategy & Technology Solutions Manager at Colliers International.

The solution in which one supplier offers access to many coworking offices, solves the problem of the complex process of signing multiple contracts with different flexible office space operators. The tenant has access to a network of coworks through one platform and pays one invoice. 

“The reality of the real estate market is changing, and with it the needs of tenants. The COVID-19 pandemic has made companies aware of the fact that there are unpredictable situations, so they need to be flexible. Colliers Mobility Pass is a solution for good and bad times - it makes the work model more flexible, helps to make savings and gain new contacts by working among people from various sectors. But it is not only a solution for companies. The Colliers Mobility Pass application can also be used by freelancers who want to have access to many different coworking locations," says Thomas Jodar, senior associate at the Office Agency at Colliers International.

Upflex orignates from the United States and offers its services in more than 70 countries. Polish coworking operators who have already joined the project are: Brain Embassy, Business Link, City Space, NewWork and


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Renata Hartle

Director | Technology Solutions


Real Estate Innovation Expert, bringing creative energy and technology knowledge to all processes and colaborations. Experienced in implementing cutting edge technological solutions in the office market and in leading system integrations for centralized smart building platforms. Very active in  global PropTech community. 

Accredited Professional for SmartScore, WiredScore occupied and in-development. 

In her role, she supports Landlords in defining Smart Building Strategymanages implementation and integration of smart solutions in buildings, and educates final users to build proper enagagement. Renata is on a mission to digitalize Real Estate.  Therefore, she works closely with start-ups and big tech companies to develop technological solutions in line with real needs of building users, leaders and owners.

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