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Colliers will advise on photovoltaic systems

Colliers, a leading real estate advisory company, launches a new service for consulting and managing the process of designing and implementing photovoltaic systems. This is a response to the recent increase of interest in photovoltaics in Poland and worldwide.

Renewable energy sources play a key role in the transition towards sustainable and low-carbon economy. According to the Renewable Energy Directive, EU countries are obliged to satisfy at least 32% of their total energy needs with renewables by 2030. According to the data from the European Union, the photovoltaic sector has been growing rapidly for the past 5 years and electricity from this energy technology which has the greatest potential for continued unit cost reduction and efficiency gains.

“As experts in the real estate market, we keep abreast of ongoing trends and developments. The strong emphasis placed by companies on ESG development has fostered growing interest in more sustainable energy sources. To meet the needs of our customers and business partners, we have expanded our offerings to include specialized technical consulting and effective project management services for photovoltaic systems. Although we have only just started with the new service, interest from customers is very high,” says Jonathan Cohen, Senior Partner and Director of Building Consultancy Services, Colliers.

Colliers experts point out the benefits of installing photovoltaic panel systems. Excellent ROI and reduced susceptibility to increased energy costs are not the only benefits.

“More and more developers and tenants appreciate the vast range of benefits of installing photovoltaics. Photovoltaics is associated with modernity and fits perfectly into companies' environmental responsibility strategies. For now, it is a novelty, but given the potential to install photovoltaics commercially on the majority of buildings, we expect that in the next few years most commercial buildings will have some photovoltaic capacity. Green building certification systems BREEM or LEED already promote photovoltaic use and to generate the necessary number of points for the highest ratings, photovoltaics are pretty much essential. Especially in the context of rising energy prices, financial independence offered by photovoltaic systems is crucial,” says Kamil Koper, Senior Associate, Building Consultancy Services, Colliers.

Green savings

2020 was the best year in history for photovoltaics in Poland. According to the data from Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. (Polish Power Grid), on January 1 last year the power of photovoltaic installations was 1299.6 MW, and a year later it reached 3935.74 MW. This means a three-fold increase within just 12 months. This result gave Poland the fourth place in terms of the growth of installed PV capacity in the European Union (according to the data of Solar Power Europe for 2020). Better results were achieved only by Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

Such intensive expansion of photovoltaics is the result of several factors, including: ever falling production costs of panels, financial incentives offered by the government, rising electricity prices and increasing public awareness. According to the calculations by Colliers experts, an investment in a 49.9 kWp system (requiring no permits) can be fully recouped after less than 6 years.

“Our goal is to maximize return on investment by supporting our customers at every stage of system development: from design, through paperwork, contractor selection and supervision, to installation launch,” adds Jonathan Cohen.

Building Consultancy Services at Colliers consists of experts from various fields – project managers, architects, sustainable development specialists and engineers with specialization in geodetics, electrical and mechanical installations and fire safety, with experience in design, construction and investment consulting. Such an extensive team of competence allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive support throughout the construction process. 

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Jonathan Cohen

Senior Partner I Director | MRICS


Chartered Project Manager and Quantity Surveyor

10 years Quantity Surveying experience in the UK

25 years experience of project and development management in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, based in Poland

Principally focused on office and industrial sectors, however  has  also experience in hotel, residential, retail, aviation,  prisons , hospitals and educational facilities.

Prime focus on Modern Business Services sector, BTS/BTO production facilities.

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