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Norbert Skumial | Colliers | Warsaw

Norbert Skumial

Head of Creative

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Professional Summary

I joined Colliers International in 2011 as Senior Graphic Designer overseeing Europe, the Middle East and Africa. From my base in Warsaw, Poland my role involves providing creative and design support at an EMEA level, which includes pitches, Colliers Hub, and emails.  Alongside providing support to the teams at a country level.  

My main design tasks include:

·         Reviewing, supporting, training and ensuring the correct implementation of Colliers visual identity across EMEA

·         Creation of print and electronic collateral

·         Implementation of design initiatives received from the global team to the EMEA region

·         Tradeshow and conference design application to various presentation elements

·         Offering creative direction for feature design initiatives and outsourced design vendors

·         Providing feedback to the global design team on new design initiatives

I deliver support to 37 regional markets, providing direction and advice on Colliers visual identity, brand guidelines and corporate templates, aesthetics, design related technology issues, as well as providing hands-on design services.

I am a passionate advocate of branding, corporate identity and design, striving to ensure Colliers maintains its strong, consistent, visual presence.


I have created various educational and training materials for the region to help with the implementation and understanding of Colliers visual identity and related marketing materials. This included presenting on the visual identity guidelines at last year’s EMEA Marketing and Research Conference.

I enjoy working directly with managers and directors to create client winning pitches and proposals, often working to strict deadlines.

I am part of the annual Brand Audit which assesses the regions marketing collateral for correct use of the Colliers visual identity guidelines and templates. Upon completion I provide feedback to Kristen Quillin, EMEA Head of Marketing and Business Development, as well as the individual markets to ensure they are promoting the brand in a uniform way.


Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design (TAFE, Perth, Australia)

Bachelor of Arts in Illustration (Curtin University, Perth, Australia)

Master of Design (Curtin University, Perth, Australia)


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