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18 Jan 2023

Top 10 predictions for CEE 6 in 2023

As we enter 2023, we look ahead to what challenges and opportunities the year will bring from the CEE countries. The global and local political, economic and business challenges in the market changed dramatically since the beginning of 2022 and as such, the region enters the year in general slowdown. Only in 2023 will we start to see the full impact of these events manifested in the real estate market.
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17 Jan 2023

The Journey Towards ESG Compliance

Certifications associated with real estate are an integral part of ESG strategies. Interestingly, they are not only concerned with the environmental aspect, but also with other components of sustainability and ESG. The regional report "The Journey Towards ESG Compliance" analyzes the region's performance in terms of economic and energy efficiency. It also introduces the certifications that are available on the market, discusses what they cover, and who should consider them as part of their ESG strategy. The publication outlines the situation in Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary.
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12 Jan 2023

Mixed use | How to understand mixed-use?

The changing style of our lives, work or consumer behaviour means that the role of projects that combine various functions and are integrated with the urban fabric and open to the neighbourhood is increasing. The report How to understand mixed-use? takes a closer look at the characteristics of Polish mixed-use complexes.
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11 Jan 2023

2022 CEE-6 Highlights | Real Estate Market

After two years of the pandemic, 2022 turned out to be another turbulent year in terms of all political, economic and business challenges. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, resulting in further supply chain disruption, an increase in fossil fuel prices, the cost of transport and construction materials. All of this has had an impact on global businesses and on real estate markets.
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