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Virtual Realty: Showing Spaces Remotely


Site inspections and oculars are essential in real estate transactions. Having potential clients experience the space personally greatly helps in their decision-making and closing a sale, as they can evaluate and decide whether the space​fits​their requirements.

However, with the current pandemic and the ongoing quarantines disrupting business-as-usual, viewing spaces through physical site inspections and oculars has been severely limited, prompting brokers and clients to turn to digital solutions.  

Virtual Tours

If a picture is worth a thousand words”, imagine what a virtual tour  can do instead. At this day and age, investing in cutting edge marketing innovation is a must and for real estate, that now includes virtual and digital marketing.  

Virtual tours provide the closest immersive experience as an onsite inspection within the property to clients.  

With the use of a virtual reality, clients have full control over where they want to go and what part of the property they want to look at. More sophisticated systems can even add a layer of augmented reality where clients can see the space transformed with furniture and fixtures at a click. The limitations depend on which areas are captured and made available as part of the tour. 

See how this works by taking virtual tours of the following properties:
Damosa Diamond Tower
Podium West Tower
IBP Tower
Petron Mega Plaza

Video Walkthroughs

Not everyone appreciates the immersive experience of virtual tours and would prefer video content instead. This is a tool predominantly used for residential real estate. Nonetheless, a scripted video walkthrough of offices and buildings with a pre-defined presentation of the property and no unexpected variables in the output is still a highly-effective strategy

Landlords will have full direction over the messaging and branding; and vital information comes across more precisely, which will better target your desired reaction and what clients will take away from the video. 

Livestream Tours

Livestream tours are a viable and engaging option for showing leasable spaces. This digital marketing tool has made a great impact across industries including real estate. This real-time, one-to-many connection has lowered the barrier to reach clients and providing brokers and property owners with a new way to easily connect with their target audience and make them feel like part of the experience even if they’re miles away - the same level of engagement you get from a regular ocular visit. It is highly interactive, unlike a regular video, and viewers can ask the host direct questions and get replies immediately. This is scheduled in advance between both parties so that each can block off their schedule.

The effectiveness of this tool depends on the platform used to livestream, marketing to potential viewers, the quality of audio and video output and how engaging and knowledgeable the hosts are.

Colliers View

With the pandemic changing the business landscape, success for property owners boils down to innovations. With these cost-effective, round-the-clock virtual and digital solutions to onsite inspections, property owners and brokers will be able to adapt and transform a critical part of real estate transaction to the challenging situation of quarantines and continue their business with clients. Investing in these innovations will ultimately assist prospective clients by giving them precise information and the best views of the property.