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In Focus | Veronica Cabigao, Assistant Manager | Advisory Services, Colliers International


Meet our Assistant Manager for Advisory Services, Veronica Cabigao, as she shares her experience within the Colliers culture of collaboration and encouragement, where she sees everyone striving harder and working to be better

1. How would you describe working with Colliers?

It’s been great. I started in Colliers in 2015 and was a few days shy of my second month when I got into an accident. After that, I needed to go on a break to recover and recuperate.

I really didn’t expect Colliers to take me back since I was still a newbie when the accident happened, but the company supported and welcomed me with open arms.

I came in again in 2016 and everyone was very warm and accommodating. The work environment is very encouraging which makes me want to strive harder and be better. It’s fun to be in an environment where anyone you meet is very willing to help, may it be on a professional or personal level.

2. What was the most challenging project you have managed and how did you win it?

I can’t pinpoint a specific project, but every project is challenging. Sometimes, it gets more challenging when clients ask for a little extra that’s beyond my comprehension and knowledge. I just face it head on. It gets frustrating but those are avenues for learning. Every time I handle a new project, I come out victorious since I believe that I learned something new again.

3. What’s the benefit of consultancy in real estate and why should companies acquire your services?

Our service is to help clients, specifically landowners, developers and investors to make decisions for real estate plans. The Advisory team is composed of experienced experts that can provide data and honest recommendations focused on the goals and future perspective of what our clients envision their real estate properties to become.

4. How do you balance work and life during this pandemic?

At the onset, it was difficult, since there were no clear boundaries between work and personal life because everything’s happening in one place: my room. Then I tried to look for other things to do aside from working and watching KDramas so I immersed myself to practice yoga again to break the monotony of just sitting or lying down. I also tried to follow some workout plans in Youtube but that didn’t work because I have commitment issues, haha!

One thing I discovered and really enjoyed is to complete jigsaw puzzles. This was unplanned. It just came up as an idea after I got locked in my room because I wasn’t feeling well. As of today, I’ve completed 3 and am looking to completing my next.

5. What would tell aspiring individuals who wants to work in the advisory and consultancy field?

In Advisory, we don’t only write reports or do presentations just to impress a client. We dig deep and look at data beyond the numbers to give informative analysis and valuable recommendations so it’s important that you are inquisitive, curious and eager to learn something new. If you’re up for it, go for it! 

Playing favorites:

Favorite movie or TV show: Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, Gilmore Girls, The Crown, The Holiday, Serendipity and some KDramas I discovered during the pandemic
Favorite leisure activity:  Travelling, (window) shopping
Favorite travel destination: The beach! Siargao, Siquijor, Coron
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Favorite comfort food: Pizza