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In Focus | Ryan David, Liaison Officer, Colliers International Philippines


Meet our Liaison Officer, Ryan David, and know more about his experiences and learnings while working within the Colliers culture.

1. What is the best thing about working in Colliers?

For me the best thing about working in Colliers is meeting interesting people and learning interesting things. I also love the company events because they are really fun and entertaining.


2. How are you coping during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Living on a budget and praying. I learned how to budget my salary and allot it on savings and basic needs only. I pray for God's guidance, for me, my family and friends' health, and for this pandemic to end.


3. Memorable experience in the support team at Colliers?

Our annual corporate outing. It is the time when we can release our stress as a group by eating good food and singing our favorite karaoke songs together.

4. If you can be the MD for the day, what will you do?

I think I will place a "Dear MD" box where our employees can drop their comments, suggestions or problems at work. With this, I will be able to assess the needs of our employees and find a better solution right away.

5. If you can compare yourself to an animal, what will it be and why?

I think I'm an Owl. Most of the time, I am more active during the night time.

Playing favorites:

What emoji describes you best? Smiley, because I always smile no matter what the situation. Be positive.
Favorite movie or TV show: All of Marvel movies
Favorite leisure activity: As of now, I'm trying to improve my green thumb by planting different vegetables whenever I have free time.
Favorite travel destination: Any place, as long as there's a beach.
Coffee or tea: 100% Coffee
Favorite comfort food: M&M's