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In Focus: Rose Ernesto, Sales Associate for Residential Services, Philippines

Meet our Sales Associate for Residential Services, Rose Ernesto, as she shares what she finds most challenging in her line of work and how different her career is now from where she started.

1. Tell us how you started your corporate career and how different is it from where you are now.

I started working in Human Resources, which was related to my degree – Industrial and Organizational Psychology. It is very different from where I am right now as I am closing deals as a Sales Associate of the Residential Services team.

2. How would you describe your experience working at Colliers so far?

Having a very flexible working environment and friendly colleagues is the best experience here!

3. What do you like most about your work in Residential Services and what do you find most challenging? Why?

Providing excellent customer service to clients is the thing I like the most about working with Residential Services. Most challenging is the negotiation part where you have to work to achieve the best outcome that would satisfy the needs of both parties.

4. What’s your fondest memory as a child? Why?

It’s when my mom scolded me for cutting my hair and then gave me a gift afterwards.

5. If you could swap places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

Catriona Gray, because she is such an inspiration to all Filipinos.



Favorite go-to song at karaoke parties: Art of Letting Go by Mikaila
Favorite comfort food: Pizza!!!
Favorite hair styling tool: Hair straightener
Favorite vacation spot: Beach!
Favorite movie: A walk to Remember