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In Focus | Rikki Villareal, Senior Analyst, Advisory Services, Colliers Philippines


Meet Colliers’ Senior Analyst for Advisory Services Rikki Villareal as he shares how real estate advisory can assist landowners and developers unlock the potential of their properties – and the challenges and perks of working from home during the pandemic.

1. Describe your experience working at Colliers.

Working with Colliers for more than 10 years has been the highlight of my professional career. Firstly, because the company cares about me and my professional development. I also consider Colliers my second home because of the company’s pleasant working environment and the friendly people who work there, not only in my own department but also in other departments.


2. What was your most challenging project to date and how did you win it?

I consider the Industrial Study in the southern part of Luzon that I did last November of 2016 as the most difficult project I have managed. The study covered reporting on standard factory buildings, warehouses, and cold storage, and it was challenging for me because it was the first time that I need to write a market report and gather data in this sector. At the same time, it was a win for me because I was able to learn new things and develop new skills about the industry.

3. What is the benefit of consultancy in real estate and why should companies use this kind of service?

Hiring a consultant can assist clients, particularly landowners and developers, who do not have plans or ideas about the potential of their property, and provide them with information that will help them better manage their properties.

Our team is composed of experienced individuals who conduct market research and come up with market reports to provide our clients with the information they require in order to make better decisions on how to develop their properties. Furthermore, we have databases that are updated quarterly to ensure that they are accurate and consistent with market trends. This way our clients are assured that all information they need for decision-making are up to date.

4. How do you balance work and life during the pandemic?

I spend most of my time working from home nowadays. A work-from-home setup with two children is difficult because your attention is divided between household chores and work. But it is also a blessing because I get to spend more time with my children. I just have to make sure that I maintain my focus and finish my tasks during work hours, and then log off physically and mentally after work hours to focus on my family.

5. What would you tell individuals who aspire to work in the real estate advisory and consultancy field?

Working in this field entails not only conducting market research and producing market reports, but also learning about current and future market trends regarding real estate investments. You will also have the opportunity to travel around the Philippines, from the northern tip of Luzon to the islands of the Visayas and to Mindanao. So, if traveling and real estate are exciting to you, I highly recommend this field.


Playing favorites:

Favorite movie or TV show: Bubble Gang, Fast & Furious, Mission: Impossible, Money Heist, A Star Is Born, 50 First Dates, Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor, Taken
Favorite leisure activity:  Playing and watching basketball
Favorite travel destination: Boracay & Baguio
Coffee or tea: Black coffee
Favorite comfort food: Adobo, lechon kawali, crispy pata, pinakbet, pork chicharon, balut

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Rikki Villareal

Senior Analyst

Advisory Services


Rikki began his career at Colliers Philippines in 2008 as a Research Assistant in the Research and Advisory Services Division. He was in charge of maintaining the Metro Manila and Luzon Residential Databases. In January 2013, he was promoted to Analyst in Advisory Services, where he was responsible for maintaining the VisMin Residential Database. He was promoted from Analyst to Senior Analyst in January 2015. He is now doing Market Reports in various sectors throughout Metro Manila, Luzon, and VisMin.

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