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In Focus: Karla Domingo, Associate Director for Advisory Services, Philippines


Bright and jovial, meet our Associate Director for Advisory Services, Karla Domingo, as she tells us about how consultancy can help grow your business and opens up about her experiences as a real estate consultant.

1. What’s the benefit of consultancy in real estate and why should companies acquire your services?

In its simplest form, consultancy basically helps developers, landowners and investors make informed decisions about their real estate properties. And to be able to make these decisions, companies must get experts who have 1) the experience, 2) the data, and 3) the people who will not only listen to what a company wants, but also put the company’s visions, goals, and capabilities to mind before giving an advice. And that’s exactly what Colliers Advisory Services team is all about.

2. Pros and cons of being young but experienced?

Cons – as an adviser, it is very hard to convince senior officers of developers / landowners / companies that you have the expertise and experience to do the work they expect, and give sound advice
Pros – you get to inspire other younger colleagues / friends that age is really just a number, and that knowledge and expertise is not measured by how old you are (or look like!).

3. Most memorable experience at work?

Being invited by the President of a known developer to join him in the company’s private plane to visit properties they wanted to acquire. They believed my insights in the market were valuable enough to tag me along

4. What’s something that people should start paying attention to?

Their mental health. Last year, I had my own depressive episode, which almost had me quitting my job. I had trouble sleeping, getting only a couple of hours of shut-eye for weeks. Burn-out is real. Anxiety is real. Depression is real. If you don’t feel well, rest. Talk to someone. Hibernate. Do what you must to keep your mind healthy. 

5. How do you balance your work and personal life?

I don’t. Kidding! Um, I just “force” myself to have time for other things, and other people. Calendar everything! 

Playing favorites:

Favorite type of music – 90’s music!! 90’s boyband, 90’s acoustic :P
Favorite place to eat – anywhere with good pizza!
Favorite vacation spot – no particular place, as long as it’s quiet enough to give me the peace to clear my head 😊 (and sleep!!)
Favorite subject in highschool – PE! Is that counted? Haha. Chemistry and social studies 😊
Favorite pastime – Do puzzles: jigsaw puzzles, 3D puzzles, wooden puzzles, etc :D