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In Focus: Jenny Herrera - Dulay, Communications Coordinator for Operations, Philippines

Meet our Communications Coordinator for Operations, Jenny Herrera - Dulay, as she shares how she deals with the toughest part of her job and what she thinks makes someone a hero.

1. How did you start your career in Colliers? 

I started working in Colliers in 2010 and I can say that working here for nine years now has provided me with the experiences which are both humbling and rewarding. Considering that this is my first job, I admittedly possessed zero skills for the task at hand, but this company has taught me countless skills that I never thought I'd have. I have become the best version of myself thanks to Colliers International. 

2. What's the toughest part of your job and how do you deal with it?    

There may be a couple of mornings that I eat urgent calls and deadlines for breakfast, however, my experiences in managing work and stress have made me embrace the culture of positivity. I make sure to offer them quality service and start each day with a genuine smile. 

3. Most memorable experience at work?   

My most memorable experiences at work would be probably be the lunch meetings. Being productive with workmates and enjoying the delicious food, we make time to insert funny jokes which is helpful in managing deadlines and assignments. Team buildings and Business Planning activities are all fun moments in the company which promotes unity and productivity.  

4. What advice would you give 15 year old Jenny?  

I would advise 15 year old Jenny to learn more math for we never know when we're gonna need it. We don't always have calculators and phones with us. On a serious note, I would tell myself to study hard for I will be able to use my education to be successful in the future. I would also advise my young self to not fall too much for my crush and also to eat more vegetables! Hahaha. 

5. What Makes Someone A Hero?   

A Hero is someone who sacrifices himself or herself for others. A mother’s way of taking care of her children is always a heroic act. A mother is a hero. I am a hero in my own little sacrifices as a mother! 

Playing favorites 

Current Favorite TV show - I don't have any specific preferences, but my go-to's are Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy, and How To Get Away with Murder.   

Favorite Things to do on Weekends - Spending time with  my husband and two sons is the best! I make sure to prioritize time with them on weekends. We can just stay at home or travel anywhere so long as we are together, that’s always the perfect time! 

Favorite Dessert - Iced Caramel Macchiato upside down is my kind of coffee. I can drink three cups per day.   

Favorite Holiday - Christmas is and will always be my favorite season for this means more time with family!