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In Focus | Jencenn Morales, Digital Marketing Officer, Colliers International Philippines

Meet our Digital Marketing Officer, Jencenn Paul Morales, as he describes his first year at Colliers, and how he's learning to keep a high level of morale and perseverance to get better every day.
1. Describe your first year at Colliers International.

Working with Colliers is legitimate culture shock, not in a negative way but in a very positive way. My first impression was that Colliers is a traditional company, but it really isn’t. I have good control over my time, the tasks that I do, and on our team in Marketing & Communications, I really feel that I have a voice to participate and share my knowledge. For an individual like me, who is building a foundation for my career, it really boosted my morale and helps me persevere to get better every day.

2. What made you pursue a career in Digital Marketing?

I really did not expect myself to push for a career in Digital Marketing, as I really wanted to pursue brand management, but what fascinates me about this industry is that your goals are identifiable. Being able to identify my wins or losses gives me a sense of fulfillment or sense of urgency to implement a better strategy moving forward, and I get to ask myself what went good or bad.

3. In your experience, what is the most important aspect of a digital marketing strategy?

Always think of the basics. I have seen people who are eager to launch an ad but always forget the basics of digital marketing, such as learning the trends, comparing what works and what not, going broad audiences. There’s no such thing as gut feeling in Digital Marketing as you can see the results real time and with just a click.

4. What is the best advice that you have ever received?

The best advice that I ever received, aside from what my parents told me is, “Focus on what you are good at,” (it’s not verbatim, but that’s what it meant for me). My professor told me this after I presented my first marketing plan, it was sad that I never got a class with her again since she left the university for a corporate job, but whenever I go or try to go on a “Jack-of-all-trades” mode, I just remember this.

5. If you had the world’s attention for five minutes, what will you say so or do?

Life is not short to give up now, but it is a privilege, so always cherish it.  

Playing favorites:

Favorite movie or TV show: Law Abiding Citizen, Prison Break, Peaky Blinders
Favorite leisure activity:  Play online games
Favorite travel destination: Germany (but haven’t been there yet)
Coffee or tea: Neither
Favorite comfort food: Pizza