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In Focus | Hope Villanueva, Recruitment Team Lead | REMS, Colliers International


Meet our Recruitment Team Lead for Real Estate Management Services (REMS), Hope Villanueva, as she shares her experiences in recruitment and how Colliers supports and motivates people to strive more and and excel in their work.

1. What is your most memorable hire?

My most memorable hire - hired employees for Chevron TPM Projects, Pico De Loro Project and One Serendra. Travelling back and forth to Batangas for job offer signing and distribution of uniforms (I love travelling) and working late on assisting client interview for Serendra Client.

2. Are there new methods for staffing now with the pandemic?

  • Continuous online sourcing- Jobstreet/Indeed/Linkedin/Facebook
  • Referrals
  • Phone/Video Call Interviews
  • Online Examinations

3. If you can meet any famous person, who would it be and why?

Angelina Jolie/ Angel Locsin- I’m impressed with their respective advocacies.

4. You are active in your church and community, what is the biggest issue with the youth these days?

Peer pressure and teenage pregnancy

5. What talent, skill or hobby have you discovered during the pandemic?

No skills, talents or hobbies during pandemic as I focused on household duties as well as work-from-home.

6. What is the best thing about working in Colliers?

The best thing about Colliers is that the management supports the needs of their employees. They motivate employees to strive more and to excel in our respective fields or careers.

Playing favorites:

Favorite movie or TV show: Movies- City of Angels, Serendipity, Superman Movies, Avengers Movies, Sweet November, Gone in 60 Seconds
TV Shows- DC Universe Tv Series, Grey’s Anatomy and other similar series
Favorite leisure activity:  Biking, listening to music, picnics
Favorite travel destination: Ilocos, Zambales, Puerto Galera
Coffee or tea: I hate coffee (no coffee me). I prefer hot/cold chocolate with marshmallows and milk tea (Okinawa or Wintermelon Only).
Favorite comfort food: Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cake, Pizza, Pesto Pasta

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She has been with the recruitment industry for almost 12  years starting her career with various Oveaseas Manpower/ Recruitment Firms. She has a vast exposure in recruitment and documentation in deploying OFW all over the globe before she joined Colliers International in December 2010.

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