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In Focus: Harold Cruz, Senior Manager for Valuation, Philippines

1. What led you to real estate?

As a graduate of Civil Engineering and having successfully passed the Civil Engineering licensure examination in the same year of my graduation, it was my dream to practice my profession with high hopes of making my way to the top. But in 2003, construction industry was still down and opportunities were limited. In the middle of the following year, an opportunity in a real estate appraisal opened up and everything started from it.

2. Greatest challenge of being an appraiser?

The ultimate goal of an appraiser in every valuation engagement is to achieve the most reasonable and achievable value of the subject property in line with the purpose of the client as mandated by the relevant standards (i.e. RICS, IVS). When there seems to be insufficiency of pertinent data (e.g. financial information, transacted/offered prices), excitement starts to pump up my adrenaline.

3. What’s the best thing about having a career in real estate?

In real estate, I will never forget the words of my mentor, “If you are an appraiser, you got to be an accountant, a lawyer, a businessman, etc.”. This means that in practicing my profession, you tend to indirectly understand how other professions are performed. You tend to perform at least the basic analyses required by these other professions. You understand beyond what you have already learned. You gain the languages used in accounting, legal, etc. You tend to be connected to various industries by simply doing your job without taking others’ jobs from them.

4. What's your favorite part about your job?

In valuation, you will need to go to different places from dangerous security-risk and depressed areas to tourist destinations to relaxing high-end resorts. The favorite part, of course, is enjoying a vacation while performing work. But this happens seldom. Hahaha..

5. Who would you trade places with for a day?

Could be a college or high school student. Because in that period, I will only need to think of subjects and exams. The rest of the day I could enjoy a lot.


Playing favorites

Favorite hobby

I love playing bowling and billiards though I am not very good at it.

Favorite athlete

He is actually a coach – Tim Cone, as I admire his brilliant mind when it comes to tactics much more during clutch time.

Favorite movie

Marvel movies, Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings trilogy including The Hobbit trilogy. When I watch movies, I am looking for something that is either science fiction or fantasy. 

Favorite book

I am not much of a book reader so you'dprobably find me boring as I would rather read valuation standards or other leadership and personality development books. While others enjoy reading the books of Harry Potter, I rather enjoy its story in a film.

TV Series

I am not much fan of TV series except for three on Netflix – Knightfall, Last Kingdom and Kingdom. I am still waiting for the next season of “Kingdom”, a Korean series.