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In Focus | Genilyn Venida, Facilities Officer, Real Estate Management Services

Facilities management, Property management, Real estate management services

For Genilyn Venida, working at Colliers helped her come out of her comfort zone and be a better person. According to her, the company helped her reach her goals and at same time continuously inspires her to push forward.


1. What is the best thing about working in Colliers?

One definitely feels welcome in Colliers. The environment here is safe and secure, just like home. It is not just a workplace; it is also a place where I feel the warmth and comfort from my colleagues.

Working at Colliers has been like a journey for me. It is also a place where I found a great sense of fulfillment working with my own team and other service lines. No doubt I have witnessed myself grow here professionally. The company definitely helped me reach my goals and at same time continuously inspires me to push forward and reach my dreams.

2. Can you share a memorable experience while working in the support team in Colliers?

I would say that my most memorable experience were the times we supported each other during events. As an introverted person, this meant a great deal to me. Colliers helped me come out of my shell, and I could say that somehow I became a better person. I know that this development was never easy for me, but at the same time had I stayed in my comfort zone, it would have never gotten me anywhere.

3. Who is the one person (or persons) who has influenced you the most?

My parents. They helped shape and mold me as a person. They encouraged me to dream big, to have a goal, to be independent, and to be a better person as I can. At the same time, they taught me to be grateful and see life’s innate beauty. These words have always served as a reminder for me.

My parents also taught me to be patient, versatile, and resilient in the midst of hardships and difficulties, and the importance of always getting back on your feet after a fall. I am sure that there were other people who guided and supported me, but my parents’ guidance and lessons will always be my greatest treasure.

4. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

I would love to go back to my childhood, taking the knowledge and lessons I have now. I would go to my favorite places to remind me of how simple and satisfying life then. But I will not undo or regret anything.


Playing favorites

Favorite movie or TV show: Any K-drama series

Favorite leisure activity: Watching movies and shows on Netflix; going to the gym; and painting

Favorite travel destinations: Europe, South Korea, and Japan

Coffee or tea: Tea (especially any kind of milk tea)

Favorite comfort food: Chicken and fries



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