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In Focus | Emmanuel Sumat, Company Driver, Colliers International Philippines


Meet our Company Driver, Emmanuel Sumat, as he shares his memorable experiences in Colliers and his mindset on cherishing every moment and making every second count.

1. What is the best thing about working in Colliers?

Two of the best things about working in Colliers is they’re really taking care on their employees and have a genuine concern for us. Also, when I started working in Colliers, I didn’t know about the real estate industry, but after just a couple of months, I’ve learned so much from it and I feel like these things will help me in the long run.


2. How are you coping during the COVID-19 pandemic?

With God’s help, my family and I are all doing well. During the pandemic, my second child was born and she was healthy and everyone has been well. Of course, life is harder, but I would like to thank god because I still have a job and most importantly, everyone is healthy and doing fine.


3. Memorable experience in the support team at Colliers?

Sometimes, when I’m with them, especially during events, I don’t feel that I am different from them and I have found friendship with them.

4. What is the most memorable location/tripping you have gone to?

When I was in Puray Falls in Rizal with Charles Alcaraz from the Valuation team. Because before we got there, we needed to pass four mountains and many rough roads and rent a tricycle to get to the nearby areas. It was like mountain-climbing because we needed to walk on the rocky stream before reaching Puray Falls.

5. If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

I think the ability to control time. As we all know, time is the most precious thing we could have. If I were given a chance to have a superpower, I would like to control time. I would go back in time where all things are normal and free. I would cherish every moment with my family and loved ones that I certainly missed the most because we only live once, so make every second of your time count whenever possible, before you regret it. 

Playing favorites:

What is on your Spotify music playlist on repeat? “Once in a lifetime” by Freestyle.
Favorite movie or TV show: The Law-Abiding Citizen
Favorite leisure activity: Sleep/Rest.
Favorite travel destination: My favorite travel destination will always be home.
Coffee or tea: Definitely coffee, it feels me awake and energize.
Favorite comfort food: Zebzeb and Wonder Boy because they’re like the best junk foods ever.