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In Focus | Elisah Costales, Business Development Office, Colliers International Philippines


Meet our Business Development Officer, Elisah Costales, and know more about her experiences working with the Real Estate Management Services division during the pandemic and how she spends her time after work.

1. What is your experience like in Colliers?

My experience here in Colliers has been fulfilling and rewarding. This is my first job and I am still enjoying my work. I have had 3 bosses for the past 6 years that I have been here. I find them all very supportive and they pushed me to endeavor on projects and responsibilities that I thought were way beyond my capabilities. I am happy to know that I am in a workplace where I feel appreciated and that there is career growth. 
The teamwork here is what I love the most. Sharing and listening to each other's ideas help us achieve our goals. We work together as one. This is not only within our team but the collaborative environment resonates with other divisions. All divisions help and support each other to make sure that we achieve, deliver, and improve our services.
In addition, what makes me enjoy working here are the fun events being organized all year round. This is also what I miss the most now that there is a pandemic.


2. In three words, how will you sell REMS services?

Increasing property value.


3. Most memorable experience of REMS during the pandemic?

When we repacked alcohol, gloves, masks, and other PPE for onsite staff. This is memorable because we were able to help them and ensure that they are safe. Another one was when our staff set-up camp in our managed properties. We have seen how they went the extra mile just to protect and to provide service to our clients despite the pandemic. Our front liners chose to serve and to dedicate their time to make sure that our clients and tenants are safe and secured within the buildings that we are managing though it meant being away from their families.

4. Who is one person that has influenced you the most?

I could say that there are many people whom I have worked with who touched my life, learned from, and contributed to what I have or where I am now. However, I believe that it is my parents who influenced my life the most. Every bit of my character and attitude comprises of the action and words that they taught me. Their words are my comfort and it uplifts me during the lowest point of my life. They always believe in me and that encourages me to be better, to improve myself as a better individual. A big part of my success is because of all the wisdom that they taught me that can never be learned in school. Their words of wisdom serve as my foundation on how I view things in life, how I find happiness by being contented with what I have.

5. If you win the lottery, what would you do with it?

I have not tried the lottery yet but I have always dreamed of what will I do if ever I will be lucky enough to hit the jackpot. I think the first thing that I will do is to get a trusted financial advisor and lawyer. Then, I will donate anonymously to charities or animal shelters. Next, I will share a good amount to my friends and relatives. Lastly, I will invest in properties; purchase a big parcel of land to build 4 houses for my parents and siblings so I could still be with my family, cars, and franchise food business. 

6. What never fails to make you smile or laugh?

Bonding time with my family, especially with my cutie pamangkins*. It is something that I look forward to every weekend.

Playing favorites:

Favorite movie or TV show: Marvel movies, specially Avengers: Endgame
Favorite leisure activity:  Playing video or mobile games
Favorite travel destination: Palawan
Coffee or tea: Tea (with milk and boba. Hahaha)
Favorite comfort food: Ice cream or anything sweet!
Favorite Kpop or K Drama Bigbang | Goblin

*Filipino word for nieces and nephews

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Elisah Costales

Business Development Manager

Real Estate Management Services


As a Business Development Officer for REMS, Elisah is responsible to market and grow the services offered for Real Estate Management Services, secure new leads and business opportunities, and identify potential new markets. She also handles several business deals and negotiate with prospective clients.

Upon joining Colliers International in June 2014, Elisah was assigned as a Bookkeeper in Sun Life Centre, where she was responsible in Financial Report preparation and monitoring of accounts payable and accounts receivables. She was then promoted as a Senior Bookkeeper in Head Office late 2016. She was previously responsible for DTR checking, petty cash and cash collection audit and monitoring of daily collection reports of various projects. Elisah was appointed as Business Development Officer in May 2018, where she handles end to end services from project presentation, site inspection, proposals and other necessary documentation for account transition and set-up.   

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