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In Focus | Edlen Sarad, Administrative Officer, Colliers International Philippines


Meet our Administrative Officer, Edlen Sarad, as she shares how Colliers' supportive culture keeps her motivated to go beyond expectations and how her experience working with a different division is helping her in her current role.

1. What is the best thing about working in Colliers?

The best thing about Colliers is its strong supportive culture, where you are motivated to go beyond expectations and collaborate with other business lines to help clients while achieving common goals. Also, at Colliers, employees' welfare is the top priority.

2. How has your experience in various divisions helped you in your current role?

The knowledge that I acquired from my previous experience with REMS allowed me to help my current team and somehow understand what project management is and how it is done. Also, being REMS ServiceDesk Officer before made my admin tasks less difficult while my BD experience helped me to create proposals tailored fit to client requirements.

3. How will you sell Project Management in three words?

Safety. Quality. Professionalism.

4. What are you doing to get through the pandemic?

Pandemic is hard but you don’t have any choice but to stay positive and think that this too shall pass. This pandemic has brought me closer to my family and friends, have always been thankful of my support system who keeps me sane during the lockdown. Also, Netflix, cactus and succulents helped me to get through the pandemic.

5. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

If given a chance, I think I will travel back to a time when my father was still alive, to spend more time with him and have a deep conversation about life

6. What is your TV show guilty pleasure that you are embarrassed you watch?

I think it's “THE BUZZ”, while looking back I think I wasted my childhood afternoon hours by watching chikas about Filipino celebrities.


Playing favorites:

Favorite movie or TV show: Right now, The Blacklist
Favorite leisure activity:  Uprooting and Re-potting my cactus and succulents.
Favorite travel destination: Singapore
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Favorite comfort food: Carbonara Lasagna by House of Lasagna
Favorite Kpop or K Drama K Drama - Princess Hours

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Edlen Sarad

Administrative Lead

Project Management


Upon joining Colliers in July 2016, Edlen was assigned as the Servicedesk Officer for Real Estate Management Services (REMS) where she handles the administrative functions and act as point of contact for billings, uniforms, tools and other project related needs. Last January 2017, she was promoted to Quality Management and Administrative Staff and became part of the ISO Audit Team that conducts ISO Surveillance Audit for REMS project sites. She was also appointed as Business Development Officer for REMS last January 2018, where she reaches out to prospective clients for capability presentation and provides proposal tailored fit to clients’ requirements.   

She rejoined Colliers last February 2019 as the Administrative Executive of The Podium West Tower, a REMS project where she is tasked for the administrative works and tenant relations.

Edlen was transferred to the Head Office in Makati last November 2019 as the Administrative Officer of  the Project Management Team where she handles the day to day administrative works of her department. She also coordinates with the clients representative and project managers in-charge with regards to billing and collection. Edlen also provides assistance to the business development  team where she work hand in hand with the Associate Director of Project Management in preparing the proposals based on client's requirements.

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