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In Focus | Donitha Encabo, Administrative Assistant, Real Estate Management Services

Property management, Real estate management services

According to Donitha Encabo, our Cebu office’s administrative officer for Real Estate Management Services, one of the highlights of working at Colliers is having the chance to provide support to our on-site employees, especially during the Covid-19 lockdowns

1. What led you to a career in real estate?

I was a newbie in the real estate world when I was hired by Colliers. I was not even familiar with real estate or property management services. Having been with the company for more than four years now, it showed me what the corporate world actually looks like and I am proud to say that with Colliers, I’ve found my home.


2. What is your experience like in Colliers?

It was like a roller-coaster ride. Being a newcomer in the real estate industry, I had to start slow. But with the help of my colleagues in the Cebu Office, I was able to overcome the slow pace of my career growth and with them I aim to help continue to accelerate the success not just of Colliers Cebu but of the entire company in the Philippines.

3. What is your most memorable experience being a member of a support team in Colliers?

Working in the field of real estate management services gave us an advantage during the lockdowns. As property managers we were allowed to go out of our homes and provide support to our employees on-site, from setting up shuttle service for those who need to report to work, to making sure that our employees who are permanently stationed on-site have enough funds and supplies.

But the most memorable of all is when we had our first employee who tested positive of Covid-19. During this time we came up with the “Colliers Care Package,” which contains all the necessities a person needs while spending their 14-day quarantine in an isolation facility.

4. What is something people don’t know about you?

That my own mother usually misspell my name! Sometimes, she spells it “Doneta Ross” instead of “Donitha Rose.”

5. If you can be the MD for a day, what will you do?

As REMS’s administrative officer for Colliers Cebu, there was a time when I spent days working in one of our managed buildings in Cebu. During that time I had a chance to assist the property management office in giving quality service to clients and homeowners. The experience was really fun.

If I can be the MD for a day, I would love to shake things up and assign all head office staff (regardless of department they work in) to work as a site employee for a day. Through this, they will get to experience meeting different kinds of people, and have the chance to mingle with our site employees and get to know them personally.


Playing favorites:

Favorite movie: Hidden Figures
Favorite leisure activity:
Riding my motorcycle
Favorite travel destination:
My hometown, Bohol
Coffee or tea:
I used to be a coffee addict but now I am learning to like tea
Favorite comfort food:


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Don was hired at Colliers Cebu on September 2017. She is an Admin Assistant for Real Estatement Management Services.

She handles the coordination between the suppliers, contractors and the property management team. She acts as coordinator for the Asset Management Services to ensure the quality of the services we offer to the clients.

She is also part of the Business Development Team that meets clients who wants to know more about the business.

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