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In Focus: Camille Agnabo-Magpantay, Assistant Manager for People and Performance, Philippines

Meet our Assistant Manager for People and Performance, Camille Agnabo-Magpantay, as she shares her experience in a people profession and the challenges and fulfillments that come with it.

1. In one word, how would you describe your experience in Colliers?

Fulfilling. When I joined Colliers, I was assigned to handle only the payroll and benefits under human resources. However, as the years went by, to my surprise, I was able to handle more HR functions like training and employee on-boarding which is under Recruitment and Employee Relations which I enjoy very much. I am so grateful that the company has given me the chance and exposure to learn more, so I can be more.

2. What is the most interesting and challenging part of your job?

It’s always been a challenge to all HR professionals to be the spokesperson for all government offices (SSS, Pagibig, Philhealth and BIR) on the implementation of their processes. We should always weigh our options and balance expectations. Sometimes there will be a workaround to give the employees what they need and their gratefulness is the most interesting and fulfilling part.

3. What is the most important role of People & Performance in an organization?

I think it’s Training and Development. This is the HR facet some companies do not focus on, but this is the facet that some of the jobseekers are looking for when joining a company. Salary and benefits are there, but the real challenge is how the HR will hone the skills of the employees to make them stay and make things “still challenging and interesting” for them, even.

4. Who was your role model growing up?

My sister. She takes good care of us, her 3 siblings. She taught us how to be responsible in all aspects in life such as studies, money, even the household chores, and at a very young age she left the country and took the responsibility to help our parents to send us to school, and that is just so admirable. 

5. If you were compelled to choose only one movie to watch forever, what would it be?

Marvel’s Black Panther, because…. Wakanda FOREVER!


TV Show

Forevermore #LizQuen


Dust by Clara Benin


The Notebook


Angels and Demons Dan Brown

Coffee or Tea