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In Focus | Allyza Castañares, Associate, People & Performance, Colliers Philippines


Everybody in an organization knows what the human resources department does, but beyond hiring and calculating compensation and benefits, it seems that not a lot of folks understand the scope of their work and how important is their contribution to a company’s growth. Allyza Castanares shares these – and more – working as an Associate in Colliers’ People & Performance team.

1. In one word, how would you describe your experience in Colliers?



2. What is the most interesting and challenging part of your job?

The most interesting part of our job is the variety that it offers. Some of people might not know these, but in human resources, we are responsible for several functions that help support the workforce. We handle compensation and benefits, training and development, recruitment, onboarding, employee relations, and employee assistance. Also, dealing with employees’ misconceptions of human-resource professionals is one of the challenging parts. Employees tend to think that we only handle paperwork, keep 201 files, and issue certificate of employment. But the truth is, we are more than that.

3. What is the most important role of People & Performance in an organization?

As the middleman between management and employees, we have to maintain the balance and peace inside the organization.

4. Who was your role model growing up?

My eldest cousin because she chose to study far away from home. She became my role model growing up because I saw how she successfully managed everything from studying to living alone. She showed and taught me how being independent works without knowing it.

5. If you could swap places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

No one in particular, but with someone who had explored the world and experienced the culture of different countries.


Playing favorites:

Favorite movie or TV show: Harry Potter movies and How I Met Your Mother
Favorite leisure activity:  Cooking while binging on my favorite shows
Favorite travel destination: Siargao
Coffee or tea: Tea
Favorite comfort food: Jolly Spaghetti

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Allyza Castanares


People & Performance


Allyza started in the field of Human Resource Management since 2012 as an Employees' Benefits Staff for a financial service company where she handles over 2000 employees.

In August 2015, Allyza joined Colliers International as Compensation and Benefits Assistant under People and Performance. She handled the processing of the benefits claim (government mandate and company benefits) of the employees and payroll.

By 2019, she was assigned to handle the onboarding of new employees, staff engagement and logistics for in-house and public trainings.




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