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In Focus

Colliers' highly-qualified real estate specialists monitor property markets across Asia Pacific and share their expert views on emerging trends and potential opportunities in the property sector. Get to know our experts and tap their broad knowledge on the real estate industry.


In Focus | Donitha Encabo, Administrative Assistant, Real Estate Management Services

According to Donitha Encabo, our Cebu office’s administrative officer for Real Estate Management Services, one of the highlights of working at Colliers is having the chance to provide support to our on-site employees, especially during the Covid-19 lockdowns

In Focus | Charlene Bautista, Accounting Supervisor, Real Estate Management Services, Colliers Philippines

For Charlene Bautista, Accounting Supervisor for Real Estate Management Services team, the best thing about working at Colliers is the opportunity to be given a voice to share one’s views and opinions.

In Focus | Maximo Figurasin III, Negotiator, Office Services – Landlord Representation, Colliers Philippines

For Maximo Figurasin III, having synergy with one’s teammates is key to successfully closing transactions.


In Focus | Donica Cuenca, Research Associate, Advisory Services Colliers Philippines

Meet Donica Cuenca, one of Research Associates at Colliers Philippines’ Advisory Services team. Donica cites professional growth as one of the best things about working at Colliers.


In Focus | Allyza Castañares, Associate, People & Performance Colliers Philippines
Everybody in an organization knows what the human resources department does, but beyond hiring and calculating compensation and benefits, it seems that not a lot of folks understand the scope of their work and how important is their contribution to a company’s growth. Allyza Castañares shares these – and more – working as an Associate in Colliers’ People & Performance team.


In Focus | Rikki Villareal, Senior Analyst, Advisory Services Colliers Philippines
Meet Colliers’ Senior Analyst for Advisory Services Rikki Villareal as he shares how real estate advisory can assist landowners and developers unlock the potential of their properties – and the challenges and perks of working from home during the pandemic.
In Focus | Pia Lorenzo, Market Analyst, Tenant Representation Colliers Philippines
Meet our Market Analyst, Pia Lorenzo, as she shares how Colliers fosters a culture of self-development, growth, and empowerment, and what it feels to be surrounded by people who make their dreams and ambitions happen.
In Focus | Joseph Sunico, IT Specialist, Colliers Philippines
Meet our IT Specialist, Joseph Sunico, as he shares about the importance of information technology and cyber security in a corporate setup and the most valuable lesson he learned in 2020.
In Focus | Kat Juarez, Accounting Assistant, Colliers Philippines
Meet our Accounting Assistant, Kat Juarez, as she talks about the endless career possibilities and opportunities for growth in pursuing a career in finance, and how Colliers' great culture motivates its employees to stay.


In Focus | James Monding, Senior Valuer, Colliers Philippines
Meet our Senior Valuer, James Monding, as he shares how he discovered a career in real estate, and how joining Colliers' valuation team brought him a life of adventure and memorable experiences.

In Focus | Jencenn Paul Morales, Digital Marketing Officer, Colliers Philippines
Meet our Digital Marketing Officer, Jencenn Paul Morales, as he describes his first year at Colliers, and how he's learning to keep a high level of morale and perseverance to get better every day.

In Focus | Melanie Roxas, Associate Director, Colliers Philippines
Meet our Associate Director for Capital Markets and Investment Services, Melanie Roxas, as she shares her views on Colliers' culture and how it fosters professional growth through empowerment and talent focus, as well as her experiences learning from industry experts.

In Focus | Veronica Cabigao, Assistant Manager | Advisory Services, Colliers Philippines
Meet our Assistant Manager for Advisory Services, Veronica Cabigao, as she shares her experience within the Colliers culture of collaboration and encouragement, where she sees everyone striving harder and working to be better

In Focus | Hope Villanueva, Recruitment Team Lead | Real Estate Management Services, Colliers Philippines
Meet our Recruitment Team Lead, Hope Villanueva, as she shares her experiences working under recruitment team and how Colliers' supports and motivates its employees to strive more and to excel in our respective fields/career.

In Focus | Fenella Rabatan, Colliers Philippines
Meet our Client Services Associate, Fenella Rabatan, as she shares her experiences being in the residential field during the pandemic and how Colliers' empathetic culture sparks teamwork and strengthens collaboration with each other.

In Focus | Edlen Sarad, Administrative Officer, Colliers International Philippines
Meet our Administrative Officer, Edlen Sarad, as she shares how Colliers' supportive culture keeps her motivated to go beyond expectations and how her experience working with a different division is helping her in her current role.

In Focus | Elisah Costales, Business Development Office, Colliers International Philippines
Meet our Business Development Officer, Elisah Costales, and know more about her experiences working with the Real Estate Management Services division during the pandemic and how she spends her time after work.

In Focus | Ryan David, Liaison Office, Colliers International Philippines
Meet our Liaison Officer, Ryan David, and know more about his experiences and learnings while working within the Colliers culture.

In Focus | Emmanuel Sumat, Company Driver, Colliers International Philippines
Meet our Company Driver, Emmanuel Sumat, as he shares his memorable experiences in Colliers and his mindset on cherishing every moment and making every second count.

In Focus: Vida Samaco, Senior Client Engagement Office for Office Services Department, Philippines
Meet our Senior Client Engagement Officer, Vida Samaco, as she shares about her experience working in Colliers and her thoughts on finding and maintaining work-life balance.