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Meet our experts | Patricia Cruz, Associate Director, Office Services – Tenant Representation

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According to Patricia Cruz, Associate Director for Office Services – Tenant Representation, every real estate professional should know the facts, to research, and to understand the market. Only then can we truly guide our clients and partners.

1. Briefly explain your experience working in the real estate industry.

Being a licensed real estate appraiser, Realtor®and a Certified International Property Specialist under NAR, I have been brokering for international investments under Fortune 500 firms for over a decade and pioneered one of the service offices in the Philippines. Now I have come full circle doing office leasing with Colliers while finishing my MCR.w under CoreNet Global.

2. You’ve been recently appointed as Colliers’ Associate Director for Office Services – Tenant Representation, what do you foresee as future challenges about your new role and how do you plan to overcome them?

This time is truly unprecedented and globally we are all in the same predicament. The uncertainty brought by the Covid-19 pandemic has hampered the growth of the real estate sector in general. Challenges are almost always inevitable and our only hindrance is ourselves; we get defeated before we even try. Being positive helps, but this should be paired with knowing the various possibilities that can happen and to leave no stone unturned and to persevere.

3. The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the real estate industry as a whole and particularly the office market. What do you think should be our next steps as real estate professionals to help guide the industry to recovery?

As real estate professionals, it is our duty to know the facts, to research, and to listen to understand the market. I urge every real estate professional to challenge information and to not take popular sentiments without any basis. This way we can truly guide our clients and partners, whether it be right-sizing, relocation, or down-grading, and we can best recommend the best course of action for their respective organizations.

4. What is the best advice you have gotten from somebody working in the real estate industry and what will be your advice to another professional just starting out?

Choose your battles and never burn bridges. This industry is small and at the end of it all, it is your name and integrity that will remain.

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Patricia Cruz

Associate Director

Office Services- Tenant Representation


Patricia began her career in marketing as key accounts manager for a multi-line and multi account distributor and eventually assigned for trade activation for below the line marketing events. She later on was tapped to head the international partnership of a non-profit group in Taipei and spearheaded events with top firms, chambers and various gov’t. institutions.

Coming back to the Philippines she found herself in the realm of Real Estate and the rest was history. She has been in the industry for over a decade working on the various segments in the field. Effectively working with top firms in the industry servicing top fortune 500 firms.

She also pioneered one of the top serviced offices in the Philippines and grew the operations into several locations in less than 3 years with 80%-90% occupancy.

In 2021 she joined Colliers Philippines as Associate Director under the office services in which she leads her own team. Apart from this role, she heads the client engagement division and oversees various initiatives of their department.

Currently she is finishing her Master’s in Corporate Real Estate with Specialization in Workplace Solutions.

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