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Meet our experts | Michael Escamilla, Senior Manager, Real Estate Management Services

Real estate management services, property management, facilities management

For Michael Escamilla, Colliers Senior Manager for Real Estate Management Services, a good property manager thinks of different ways to address the needs their clients; they strategize a plan that will not only address these needs but also cause the least amount of inconvenience.

1. Briefly explain your experience with Colliers and working in real estate industry.
I have worked with Colliers since 2016, although I have been in the real estate industry for 23 years now, which prepared me and enhanced my knowledge and skills that definitely helped me in my role as Senior Manager for Colliers. I know for a fact that real estate is a very challenging and fast-paced industry to be in. However, working at Colliers has truly been a delight. I have learned so much from all the people and clients I have worked and interacted with. Additionally, I was given work opportunities that I could only have dreamed of in the past.

The fun and productive work environment that Colliers promotes is really inspiring. Seeing motivated people do their job and provide service to clients with the best of their abilities is truly a sight to see.

I was offered this position in Colliers by my previous boss, Colliers Executive Director and Head of Real Estate Management Services, Jet Ilaga. He guaranteed a good working environment and opportunities that will allow me to master the skills I have gained over the years. That was the start of my professional career at Colliers.


2. As a Senior Manager for Real Estate Management Services, what do you think is the most challenging aspect of your job, and how do you handle that challenge?
My duty as a Senior Manager is to oversee that all the projects I manage operate in a smooth and efficient manner. I ensure that, despite uncertainties and challenges, we can overcome them and continue to operate in a manner that guarantees our clients’ satisfaction. Meeting client expectations is certainly the most challenging component of my job.
As part of the Real Estate Management Services team, it is our responsibility to address the needs of our clients. Failing to meet or exceed clients’ expectations would also mean failing to do our tasks. Inquiries, complaints, and requests from clients must always be handled as quickly and as efficiently as possible in order for the client to be completely satisfied with our services.
When I listen to clients’ requests and demands, I make sure to always think of different ways to address their needs and strategize a plan that will not only address them but also cause the least amount of inconvenience to both clients and staff. I have taken it upon myself to go above and beyond my clients’ expectations to assure their satisfaction with our services.
3. How important has the discipline of property management become during the Covid-19 pandemic?
Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the safety of our clients has always been our topmost priority. However, Covid-19 has put another layer of challenge to our discipline because now we have to go beyond mere standard safety practices. The properties that we manage should not only be free from hazards; as much as possible, they should also be Covid-19-free.
The pandemic has a been real challenge for us. We need to adapt to health and safety protocols that will keep everyone safe, but at the same time minimize our face-to-face interactions with clients and other personnel. Nevertheless, Colliers’ Real Estate Management Services team has been successful in overcoming this challenge and has even created a work plan that is flexible enough to adjust to the challenges brought about by the pandemic and at the same time still meets the needs of the clients.