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Meet our experts | Leticia Ramos, Senior Business Development Manager, Valuation Services

According to Leticia Ramos, managing clients’ expectations and feedback is the biggest challenge of her job. This entails proper handling of client's expectations and exemplary performance to address their needs.
1. Briefly explain your experience with Colliers and working in real estate industry.
I have been in the real estate industry for over two decades now and with Colliers for 10 years in the Valuation Services. Colliers’ Core Values has inspired me to stay in the business. It has a unique way of managing people and the work environment it offers. Its leadership style, research, market knowledge, platform, and the holistic approach in decision-making for their partners and clients are unparalleled.

2. As a Senior Business Development Manager for Valuation Services, what do you think is the most challenging aspect of your job, and how do you handle that challenge?

Managing clients’ expectations and feedback is the biggest challenge of my job. This entails proper handling of their expectations and exemplary performance to address their needs. Colliers’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) is very helpful in gauging our clients’ experiences and a good way for us to improve our service lines.

"Being responsive to their queries and ensuring that these are addressed immediately will guarantee client satisfaction and a higher possibility of repeat business. Word of mouth is powerful. Client satisfaction and exemplary customer service are fundamental in keeping our clients’ business and possible referrals for more business opportunities."

3. What are the top three reasons for considering Colliers as a partner for valuation and advisory services?

1. We are here to listen and to understand their business. Since not all clients have the same needs, we must develop tailored approaches for each based on their requirements to ensure spot-on results. Clients know their businesses, but they engage outsource services to help them come up with ideas that would otherwise be not apparent to them.

2. Benefits as a partner. It is not only what we do but how we do it. We have experienced and licensed valuers guided by industry standards and they are surrounded by other service lines through collaboration. With that, we have strong insights or market knowledge and a tight grasp on the latest trends in the real estate industry. Valuation services provide advice supported by data and this is what clients need to make informed decisions for their success and future growth.

3. Clients are our top priority. "We are always mindful of and give importance to our clients’ needs and concerns. This ensures client satisfaction. Keeping our clients happy and satisfied is always a win-win situation."

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Leticia Ramos

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Letty joined Colliers in September 2011 and has worked with different appraisal companies.

Has a wide array of working experience and job knowledge in the field of marketing and education.    

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Executive Assistant 


Binswanger Philippines, Inc.

Vice President 


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