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Meet our experts | Anthony Parungao, Associate Director, Real Estate Management Services

Good property managers help maintain and, when required, implement repairs needed in a building. Exemplary ones are engineers, technicians, bookkeepers, carpenters, gardeners, and more rolled into one – plus impeccable customer service skills. Read as Colliers’ Anthony Parungao details the challenges of being a property manager, and the undeniable fulfillment by being a great one.
1. Briefly explain your experience with Colliers and working in the real estate industry. 

“At Colliers, we are provided with the resources, opportunity, motivation, and authority to execute our tasks without excessive bureaucracy, but at the same holding us accountable for our actions. This is my definition of empowerment in the workplace, which makes us more proficient and the work convenient.”

Transitioning from being a facilities manager to property manager in a real estate management services firm was overwhelming. Being part of Colliers’ [Real Estate Management Services team] has helped me hone my interpersonal skills, my customer service skills, and my analytical as well as technical competence. At Colliers’ REMS team, we are provided with the resources, opportunity, motivation, and authority to execute our tasks without excessive bureaucracy, but at the same holding us accountable for our actions. This is my definition of empowerment in the workplace, which makes us more proficient and the work convenient.

Colliers is a great company; flexibility to work where it works for everybody prior and during pandemic is a key difference in the coming years. It also has a great work culture.

I always believe in a person’s destiny. My early stint and training in interior design companies, architectural firms, furniture design and manufacturing business, facilities and property management, and design and construction were all interrelated experiences that elevated my skill sets more than a notch ahead of my contemporaries.

I was in the last phase of my MBA studies when I had a chance to meet my colleague in Ateneo Graduate School of Business Jet Ilaga, and was offered a position to join his team at Colliers. Within six months, I became a part of his strong team.

I started my career in Colliers as property manager of Sun Life Centre in 2014. In 2016, I was offered the general manager position for One Serendra, but opted to handle project sites instead as a senior manager/account manager. Since then, I have been an operator at REMS, handling various project sites and assisted in the business development side by pitching to clients.
2. As an Associate Director for REMS, what do you think is the most challenging aspect of your job and how do you handle that challenge?

As one of the key officers of REMS, I made it a point to ensure a worry- and problem-free operations across all the project sites I handle. As soon as a project is endorsed and handed over, I see to it that everything will fall in its proper place. The top three challenges are hiring and maintaining quality staff for a project; annual revenue growth and collections; and complaints from residents or clients.

Staff turnover can be expensive, so I look into the long-term potential of candidates who will fill in key positions. Character is of utmost importance and training is secondary key to elevate their skills.

While revenue growth and collections for REMS were affected by the pandemic, our services, specifically property management, has remained intact during these challenging times. However, retention of a project is key to ensuring a continuous stream of revenue.

Resident complaints and fault finding are already part of our day-to-day interphase with condo unit owners. I make it a point to regularly engage with condo unit owners and clients; in this manner, complaints are received first-hand and provided with action plans, which residents appreciate.

We consider Jet Ilaga our mentor and this is one of the leadership qualities he shared to all of us and is also one way of keeping my boss stress-free to ensure a sound and healthy condition.

3. How important is the discipline of property management has become during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Even before the pandemic, clients and unit owners have been a challenge for all of us in terms of delivering what is expected of our service commitments in providing a safe environment. When the pandemic struck in 2020, we immediately got our workplaces ready with the detailed plans provided by REMS team; careful preparation, execution, and clear communication to our respective team and clients were key in achieving a safe environment and a high level of customer satisfaction.

The pandemic was not anticipated so there were no existing best practices or blue book on hand. The REMS team collaborated and shared safety protocols implemented at work sites. Work from home or work wherever you want, for as long as you don’t stop the ball rolling.

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Anthony Parungao


Real Estate Management Services


Professional accomplishments

A highly experienced architect with 29 years cumulative experience in the oversight operations and maintenance of residential/commercial properties. Also manages the manpower requirements, technical, administrative, financial aspect and over-all performance of the buildings managed.

In his 29 years of experience as a Property Manager, his passion in work and interaction with all levels of management provides a striking balance in leadership skills. As a team performer, his key result areas are continued partnership with the customer, service excellence and sustain competitive advantage of the property management team through innovations. 

Jojo manages physical maintenance of various LEED and WELL Certified properties which promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in key areas: energy savings, water efficiency, carbon emission reductions, improved indoor environmental quality, stewardship of resources and education on sustainability practices.

Providing a healthy environment for various stakeholders allows them to work more efficiently and become more focused and productive. In other words, a green building makes strong business sense for our employees and agents and for our building tenants.

Provided energy benchmarking for commercial properties to properly monitor power consumption based on the ASEAN standards.  Contributed to Colliers’ property portfolio in the past twelve months of 2016 and deployed required manpower requirements.

Business and Educational background

Before joining Colliers, Jojo engaged in entrepreneurship by putting-up a single proprietor company PZM Builders catering to small residential, office and commercial establishments,  providing design and interior fit-out services from October 2011 to June 2014. 

Technical training started as early as 1988 after graduation with interior designer Marissa Garcia-Romero & Architect Juan Antonio Mendoza.  Joined City Trust Banking Corporation in 1992 as in-house property manager handling maintenance of all corporate head office buildings, off-site branches, site selection and evaluation, lease negotiation, design,  planning & project/construction management of branches nationwide.

After the merger with BPI in 1996, Jojo was tasked to handle branch design, planning & construction management of all BPI Family Savings Bank within Greater Metro Manila Area. In 2002, was assigned to handle all BPI corporate office buildings as Property/Facilities Manager and at the same time as design, planning & project/construction manager of BPI Visayas & Mindanao branches.

Upon joining Colliers, he was assigned to Sun Life Centre as Property Manager and was promoted to Senior Manager in January 2016.   

Currently handles commercial, residential and subdivision properties for pre-operations, start-up to full operations and consultancy services to various developers.

Awardee of Best Managed Property for Office/Commercial Division and Over-All Best Managed Property for two consecutive years 2015 & 2016 for Sun Life Centre and One Serendra in 2016.

Properties currently & previously handled by Jojo  are Sun Life Centre, Pacific Plaza Towers, Ridgewood Towers, Asian Star Building, Sunshine 100 City Plaza Pioneer Towers 1 & 2,  JSO Building, Symfoni Kamais, One Felicity, Congressional Town Center & Residences, Viridian Tower, Pueblo De Panay Estate - Roxas City, Sindalan Town Center - San Fernando Pampanga and One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites .

Jojo worked as in-house architect for Citytrust Banking Corporation from 1992 to 1996 and as property manager of Bank of the Philippines Islands after the 1996 merger. he handled branch renovations and head office construction managemnet and repairs & maintenance.  In 2011, Jojo set up a single proprietor construction business PZM Builders catering to fit-out renovations of residential condominums and hotels.  

Area of Expertise

Property Consultancy, Pre-Operations & Full Operations

Property and Facilities Management

Site Area Review

Building Equipment Audit & Functionality Tests

Budget Study

LEED Certified Buildings

WELL Certified Buildings

Construction/Project Management, Design, Planning and Construction

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