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Return to the Office | Latin American trends in the new era

Home Office vs. Office Space

What really matters in LATAM

We asked the countries of Latin America

What has been your experience in
different stages and transition to work
at home and then back to the office?

Although the world has experienced the same situation, our environments, social, cultural, political and economic context is very different, at Colliers and together with Herman Miller, saw the need to listen and learn about the practices of our region. The voices of more than 500 executives in LATAM provide us with data and relevant perspectives on what really matters, it is time to listen, question and act to take the dynamics of work to a new evolutionary step.

We asked the precise questions to understand the opportunities and also the resistance between so many changes. The most important findings are combined in the concepts of:

Flexibility, Adaptation, Well-being and Inclusion.

By listening to the voices of Latin America we were able to know what are some of the areas of opportunity and resistance in the face of constant change. Employees have become increasingly critical of the type of tools and amenities they will find in the office. If we assume that the office is only part of the ecosystem of tools that we use to work, each organization must analyze how it is used and decide how to turn it into a valuable element of high performance. Provided the right environment, the office will be a "destination" that people want to return to.

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Mathias Gelb

National Director | Panama  | Stratregic Project Services

Panama City

Mathias is the national director of the Strategic Project Service line in Panama since 2015. He is an Engineer and Real Estate professional specialized in project management & consultancy services, with  extensive experience in managing and coordinating complex projects in all areas of commercial real estate.

Mathias is responsible for supervising SPS different services including technical consultancies, workplace advisory, project management and strategic design & build. Mathias and the SPS team have delivered these services for local and multinational corporations, professionals, investors and/or local and international developers. 

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Carla Castillo

Project Manager

Panama City

Carla, Project Manager Sr, is part of the team of experts in Strategic Project Services at Colliers.

She is an architecture professional with 20 years of experience in the sector managing and overseeing projects. She has extensive experience leading and integrating multi-disciplinary corporate teams to ensure each project is completed in a timely manner, aligned with quality, time and cost objectives.

Carla Castillo is an expert in Workplace Advisory, leading diagnostic processes and aligning offices’ objectives and purpose with cultural insights, trends in occupancy models and management of solutions for workspaces (Workplace Mix).

Carla is a specialist in change management with a certification as Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner.

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Carlos Rincon

Project Manager

Panama City

Carlos is a Project Manager Sr of the Strategic Project Service (SPS) team in Panama, since 2018. He is an Architect  specialized in project management and commercial real estate with more than 5 years of experience in managing and coordinating different scale of projects.

Carlos is responsible of different services in the SPS team  including project management, design & build, workplace advisory  for local and multinational corporations, occupants and owners of office buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and logistics.

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