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Sale | Land of 167 Hectares | Taimatí, Darien - #1
Sale | Land of 167 Hectares | Taimatí, Darien - #2
Sale | Land of 167 Hectares | Taimatí, Darien - #3
Sale | Land of 167 Hectares | Taimatí, Darien - #4

Taimatí - Tropical Beauty

It has 690,000 m² of beach front, 400 meters of beach and 800 meters of beach with low tide. At this moment there is no access by road, only by water. It should be noted that there is an approved project for the construction of a road that will facilitate access to the land.

These lands are next to a Private Reserve of the ANCON Foundation that consists of 26,000 hectares. This Reserve has 36 kilometers of virgin beach and they are interested in the development of ecotourism projects around them. It is a land balloon that includes seven Farms and a lot with Possession Right in registry process, located in the town of Guagaral , Corregimiento de Taimatí, District of Chepigana, Province of Darién.



> It is reached by sea by taking a boat in Puerto Quimba, which takes approximately forty minutes to the main beach of the property under study.

> They have an irregular topography, ranging from semi-flat to low elevation hills. Three Farms and the Lot with Right of Possession adjoin the sea. It has a wide beach front. It also has cliffs and in these areas when the tide comes down there are white sand beaches.

> The main activity of the sector is livestock, agriculture, reforestation and fishing, as well as having a great tourist projection.

> The farms present plantations of bananas and coconuts for commercial use. In the later lands there are some paddocks in disuse. The majority of the surface maintains low stubble.