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Casco Antiguo

The Old Town of Panama is recognized for being a historic center that is located in the western part of the city, which was the settlement and center of Panamanian life and society from its foundation in 1673 until the 1930s, when the population Established there begins to migrate towards the suburbs.

Unlike other ancient cities in Latin America, this peninsula developed an abundant legacy of Spanish, French, colonial American and neoclassical architecture, highlighting the historic role of Panama as a cultural and commercial meeting point on the isthmus; elements that allowed in 1998, the designation of this site as World Heritage according to UNESCO.

The Casco Antiguo is currently the second tourist destination in Panama City, after the Panama Canal. Since the 1990s both the government and private investors are actively participating not only in the restoration of architectural heritage but also in the revival of the commercial and hotel sector, investing in cultural industries and the historic initiative of the place.

The renovation of Casco Antiguo is still in process and with a lot of dynamism, there are currently an increasing number of elegant houses and condominiums, small hotels, bakeries and cafes, art galleries and specialty shops, wine bars, pubs, lounges and traditional restaurants They serve a large number of tourists and locals both day and night. The preservation of the Casco Antiguo is regulated by a decree that governs all constructions, from sidewalks to buildings. Depending on the type of building, it can reach a height or another or can demolish or destroy some sections of the buildings. For visitors, the Casco Antiguo offers a sense of tradition as a transition and is considered one of the best areas for investment in real estate, either investing in properties to restore or in the purchase of restored properties.