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Valuation & Analysis

Give your property the competitive edge through insight!

Broad knowledge and a solid understanding of the market is required to provide a valuation for a property, and if you want to succeed in commercial real estate in the long term, it is important to do this through market analyses. Over several years, we have developed systems for easy mapping and analysis of real estate markets. Our experts use this knowledge to help you make sound decisions. For you, it means a unique opportunity to turn our insights into your competitive advantage.


Valuation and market analyses provide a good starting point

In real estate, even the smallest decisions can lead to significant gains or losses. Owners and tenants with relevant insight are better equipped to make the best decisions. Our experts specialise in all types of real estate and all segments and can help you utilise the numbers and data to your advantage. This makes it easier to make long-term decisions in a real estate market that is ever changing. 

Among other things, we offer valuations of all types of real estate, standardised reports, broad segment analyses as well as tailor-made analyses on request. Our analysis experts work across all of Colliers’ departments, thus utilising the broad market expertise of our brokers. See more details in the tabs below.


Would you like to know more about how our valuation and analysis team can help your business? See the contact information below. 

Market analysis

Whether you are an owner, tenant or investor, market knowledge is important for making decisions for the best return. High-quality market research and thorough expert analysis can help you successfully purchase, sell, lease or develop properties.

We are industry leaders with decisive insights in the real estate sector and provide useful insight across all the major property types in markets around the world.

Our experts provide general market updates, as well as annual reports in logistics and retail spaces. We also offer tailor-made analyses customised for your business to ensure you have all the necessary information to achieve your goals. 


In a tough market, you need a commercial broker with an extensive local network, solid knowledge of the market and solution-oriented experts. This is what you get when you choose Colliers Stavanger. With solid knowledge of the market, a strategic approach and a unique international network behind us, we can help you achieve your property’s full potential.


Our Stavanger office offers valuation services in addition to brokerage services, with the Stavanger region as a main area. Our special analysis and valuation department and our own marketing experts will work closely with our brokers to find the best possible solutions for your property.


A thorough valuation is often a necessary step in the process of securing a loan, selecting the best addition for a portfolio or closing a sale. It can thus have a significant impact on the business.

We deliver well-founded valuation reports of high quality, at the agreed timeline.

 In accordance with your requirements and all applicable professional standards and regulations, we provide services that include single-asset assessments, portfolio valuation, lease and cost analysis, valuation of development property and feasibility studies.

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