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Tenant Representation

Get the best possible location, at the best price!

There are plenty of considerations to take into account when your business is considering leasing space. Does the space conform with the company's future plans? What are the benefits of a new building versus an already established property? What are the employees' interested in?  As a tenant advisor, we have the expertise and experience to represent you and offer a sense of security throughout the process, whether relocating or renegotiating.


Renegotiating the lease agreement or looking for new space?

We help you ask the right questions and uncover the requirements and preferences you and your employees have in relation to the space. Along with a thorough analysis of the rental market and user trends, the unique insight we collect will ensure that you get the best location at the best possible price.


We offer several services within tenant representation such as quality assurance of specifications for new office space, carry out property searches, participate in the selection of new office space, assist in/conduct negotiations, prepare lease agreements, assistance with space allocation, renegotiation/renewal of leases, relocation, financial analysis, mapping employee addresses and procurement/disposal of leases. We specialise in the unique requirements for industrial, office and retail space in most major cities in Norway and can guide you through the selection process.


Do you need tenant representation services in connection with relocating or renegotiating a lease? See the contact information below.  

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