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Real Estate Management

We manage properties as if they were our own

As an owner of commercial property, you have a major responsibility, and there are many tasks to attend to. A professional property manager can ease your organisation’s workload while ensuring value creation of your property. Our team of Property Management experts take care of your property’s physical premises and infrastructure, tenant conditions and the property's placement in the market.


What services are included in property management?

Our wide range of services includes technical management, financial and administrative management as well as asset management. See more information in the tabs below. We take care of your property’s ever changing needs. Our goal is to free you up to focus on your own business while at the same time maintaining your property’s high level of tenant satisfaction and maximising its value. If you wish to further develop your property, we can also manage construction and renovation projects you wish to implement. 


Accounting and financial reporting

Colliers is one of Norway's leading suppliers of economic and financial management services in commercial real estate. We have a robust accounting platform that fully supports the required reporting needs and control regime that property investment companies are subject to. The accounting and reporting solution is tailored to your wishes and needs.


Do you need a professional property manager? Contact us for a chat! Please see the contact information below.

Asset Management

Colliers offers asset management services for institutional investors, grantmakers, foundations, family offices and private investors who want to achieve the best return and expansion through investment that specialises in real estate. In Norway, our asset management business includes investment companies with ownership interests in real estate in Norway, Finland, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Globally, Colliers manages more than $20 billion in property value from investment projects located in the US and Europe.



Property Management

Effective operation and maintenance of a property contributes to securing your assets, partly by preventing the deterioration of the property's technical standard and partly by facilitating the tenants’ experience of the property as attractive and functional.


Some of our services include:

Obtaining bids, as well as following up technical operations, caretaker services, cleaning and renovation. This includes the preparation of caretaker instructions, as well as entering into and following up service agreements.

Ordering and following up regular maintenance work.

Ordering and following up all requested work in addition to fixed agreements and contracts, as well as certifying invoices for payment.

Implementing the necessary measures to correct any defects or deficiencies detected.

Updating drawings, documentation, etc. with changes.

Assisting new surveys of the property in accordance with NS.

Preparation of maintenance plans in connection with budget work.

Budgeting of joint costs and ensuring good corporate governance and cost control.

Ensuring that sudden problems are resolved quickly and efficiently using an external network.

Assisting the property’s rental function with creative and optimal real estate solutions that support negotiations with new and existing tenants.

Tenancy Management

Tenancy management gives you as an owner a better overview of your leases and makes managing your contracts easier. 


Some of our services include: 

Invoicing and collection of rent and service charge

Indexation of rent

Obtaining and following up guarantees and rent deposits

Arrears management, cooperation with collection agencies

Reconciliation of turnover rent, service charges and marketing charges

Reporting and budgeting

Customized reports to owners including tenant schedules, minimum rents, turnover rents, total rent, etc.

Communcation with tenants


Financial Management

Accurate financial management of your commercial property provides an overview and a good basis for making the right decisions about the operation and development of the property. 


Some of our services include:

Bookkeeping and accounting in accordance with applicable rules, regulations and good business practice

Reporting to owners and lenders

Cash management, including establishing chain of approvals for handling of invoices and executing payments

Preparing quarterly management accounts and controlling against budget

Determining and adjusting relative rate for VAT deduction

Registering investment projects in accordance with the VAT adjustment rules (“justeringsreglene”)

Preparing statutory accounts, annual accounts and statutory tax reports

Advising on VAT and tax-related issues   

Due diligence services and transaction balances


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