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Corporate Solutions

The right choice of property can create value!

Some businesses may need to reduce the number of locations, while others may benefit from moving around the corner or to the other side of the globe. As your advisor, we identify cost saving measures related to the company's property requirements and maximise their effectiveness. 


Tenant advice that can lead to lower costs 

Our Corporate Solutions team offers advice for global clients established in Norway as well as Norwegian companies established in both Norway and abroad. In cooperation with your internal property team and financial directors, we work together to explore opportunities for reducing health costs, boosting productivity and commitment as well as improving recruitment. The goal is to customise the company's properties to match the business strategy. This can increase profits for your business.


Four areas where Corporate Solutions can give your business a boost

Significant cost savings can be achieved by relocating or renegotiating lease agreements based on thorough analysis, knowledge and experience. We have over 30 years experience in maximising the results of the measures we recommend. We offer brokerage services within these four main areas: 

1. In real estate, we can assist with strategic portfolio management, transaction management, lease management, financial analysis and benchmarking analysis.

2. In facilities, we provide facility advisory, portfolio performance management, technical services and administrative support.

3. In projects, we assist with programming and design, project and construction management, relocation and moving.

4. If you need advice when planning the workplace, we can offer workplace strategies, workplace design, transformation and space planning.


Norwegian companies abroad

For Norwegian based companies abroad, we can also provide coordination of consultancy work with Colliers’ offices abroad, property searches, rental assistance, tenant advice and assistance in purchasing and selling. During the process, reports are delivered directly to our headquarters in Norway.

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