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Whether you are looking to sell your property at the best price or to find attractive listings for purchase, we have both a local and global network to help find the optimal solution for you. We provide investment services for office space, logistics, retail, industrial properties, residential properties, hotels and development projects. See the tabs below for more information. 


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Our experienced real estate agents are innovative, solution oriented and service minded. As your commercial broker, we can assist real estate investors throughout the process of sales, purchasing and financing. We make sure that you are up to date on current listings, market trends and rental rates. We conduct thorough analyses and valuations of listings as well as advising on contract submission and acquisition. Our own attorney manages the due diligence process. Do you need help with financing? We have a large number of contacts within the Norwegian banking and bond market. If you are looking for someone to invest with, we can match you with the right partner through our broad national and international network.



Do you wish to know more about how we can help you sell or buy the most attractive commercial properties at the best possible price? See the contact information below.


Residential property transactions can have their challenges, and there is often a need to prepare a property for sale before it can be sold. Among other things, the types of leases you have in your property is of great importance. It is also important to present the property properly to the right investors. For example, if a property is suitable for sectioning and selling each apartment individually, it would be wrong to present the property only to investors who are focused on continued lease. As your advisor, we will ensure that all these circumstances are taken care of. We have ongoing contact with all investors who are active in the residential market, and we closely monitor this market segment. We are one of the most active brokers in this market, and our goal is to maximise your investment.


The sale and purchase of hotel businesses is about understanding the income structure of the hotel and the market the business is in. Knowledge of hotel operations is essential to having the full overview and understanding of the opportunities available in the market. With specialist knowledge at a national and international level, we are one of the most active players in hotel transactions. Our strong international network enables us to work with Norwegian clients abroad or overseas clients in Norway and across Scandinavia. This gives us a unique local knowledge with a global perspective.


Office space is the largest segment in the commercial property market, and we are strongly committed to being a leader in this segment. We have assisted in a large number of transactions for office buildings in Norway, for properties in major city centres, border areas and in smaller cities. Our clients range from national real estate companies to foreign real estate funds. In the last 10 years, we have also gained considerable expertise in investment advisory for international real estate actors. 

Industrial and Logistics

Within the industrial and logistics property segment, we assist owners by facilitating the entire transaction process, as well as completing the contract and settlement. We also have extensive experience in purchase advisory for transactions within the logistics segment for foreign clients.


In Norway, we have one of the world's strongest macro economies and an ever- increasing purchasing power. This means that retail properties here are very attractive investments for global real estate actors.

Within the retail properties market, we mainly work with sales, but as a sales advisor, we also have the constant task of finding the most attractive buildings in line with our clients' investment strategies.


All real estate has a unique combination of characteristics and history closely linked to the local area. We regard it as our primary task as your commercial broker to know all the aspects of any listing and turn them into decisive advantages in the market. We are located in the centre of Stavanger and offer brokerage and advisory services in renting/subleasing, buying and selling, as well as valuations. Our main area includes the entire Stavanger region.



Colliers Stavanger has long experience with lettings and subleasing of office space and commercial property. We are constantly following the market closely so that we can find the right tenants for your property. Office space lettings/subleasing and transaction services are carefully controlled and regulated. Therefore, our brokers have strict quality requirements, consummate execution skills and place great emphasis on providing continuous follow-up and reports throughout the process. 


Logistics & industry: 

We have been specialising in warehouse and logistics properties, as well as major retail properties for more than 10 years. Our experts in this field have more than 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. In Stavanger, we have a special department that focuses solely on lettings and transactions services for warehouses and logistics buildings (including combination buildings).


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