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Retail struggles with declining turnover, however this does not apply to everyone.

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Clas Ohlson's annual report 2018/19 shows a new record turnover. Lotta Lyrå, CEO, reported in the annual report strong sales growth online, but also a healthy growth in traditional stores. 

What are they doing?

Is it the sector that is simply in the upswing? Is the brand seen more positively than others, or are they simply delivering better in a number of areas – the trading experience in the shop included?

It is not easy to pin down – they are working hard in a several areas. For example, in September, you could read the news that they are starting cooperation with the online food supplier after success with the same type of cooperation in Sweden. The cooperation gives them the ability to easily distribute everything from light bulbs to tools. So how do they manage to still increase the number of store visitors?

Four reasons why Clas Ohlson attracts store customers

  1.  They work in a strong market. Norwegians love to build and refurbish. And Clas Ohlson helps the consumer with that. They solve home problems small and big. Sometimes I go into a Clas Ohlson store just to look, and maybe discover some clever solutions I was not aware that I needed.
  2. They have stores with abundant shelves – they maintain a high product density, according to good old brick and mortar principles.
  3. The Brand is very down to earth – and appear credible. It hits the soul of the mainstream Norwegian.
  4. They have invested in both lots of store employees, and in the training of them. Every staff member you meet as a customer seems to have a genuine desire to help. I never feel stupid when I ask questions at Clas Ohlson.


All in all, Clas Ohlson is customer centric. They have generous return arrangements. They are passionate about sustainability. And with the new collaboration, they ensure a stronger distribution of goods the customer needs, but does not normally get from their grocery store. Clas Ohlson inspires with less friction in the customer journey and an experience worth coming back to.

Several shop concepts and shopping malls will follow Clas Ohlsons lead, making the world a little easier and a little better for their customers. Making sure they matter in the lives of their customers even more than before! Retail is facing exiting times ahead.